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Saturday, Jan 26, 2002

Fight Night 16 Results

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Fight Night 16 Results
By Loretta Hunt

South Plainfield Middle School in New Jersey played host to the Bayside Academy of Martial Art’s Fight Night 16 last night. A healthy crowd came out to watch 16 mixed match-ups of either shootfighting, grappling, or MMA-style bouts. Even with last-minute fighter cancellations (some by no-show), promoter Dan Miragliotta was still able to put on a solid show. Here are the results:

Glenn Ortiz

  • Peter Lavalle (Team Jay Lally) def. Carl Dankosky (Quantum Jiu-Jitsu)- Ankle lock 2:18
  • Glenn Ortiz (Independent) def. Geoff Roesch (Seaport Fighting Arts)- Arm bar 4:08
  • Cory Wimberly (Quantum Jiu-Jitsu) def. Sonny Michaels (AZ Fight Club)- Arm bar 1:55
  • Mark Dapolito (Pitts Pen) def. Dan Lorimor (Team Alex Wilkie)- Arm bar 2:00
  • Chris Romulo (Seaport Fighting Arts) def. Jason Ratchford (Extreme Tatu)- TKO due to strikes :32
  • Joe Tabakhman (Team Jay Lally) def. Mike Drew (Quantum Jiu-Jitsu)- Guillotine choke 1:52
  • Louis Mislan (Team Freedom) def. Brandon Petrillo (Team VanBrackle)- KO 1:36
  • Rey Santos (Pitts Penn) def. Mike Correra (BAMA)- Guillotine choke :45
  • Michael Bauer (Pitts Penn) def. Vincent Ho (Quantum Jiu-Jitsu)- Key lock 1:13
  • Anthony Argyros (Team Renzo Gracie) def. John McCafferty (BAMA)- Unanimous Decision
  • Stefan Sevi (Quantum) def. Joseph Belden (Pitts Penn)- Ref Stoppage due to strikes 10:00+1:41(OT)


  • John Cole (BAMA) def. Brian Gonzalez (Team Alex Wilkie)- Guillotine choke/ 1:52
  • Jason Mancini def. Adam Turk (Quantum Jiu-Jitsu)- Arm bar


  • Matthew Butler (Extreme Tatu) def. Steve Hankin (BAMA)- Ref Stoppage (knees) 7:27
  • Mark Inglend (American Karate Center) def. Theme Papadimitriou (Combined)- Knee bar 1:09
  • Kaream Ellington (Combined) def. Justin Ray (Quantum)- Tapout due to strikes 2:04

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Ready To Get Back To The Top!
By Eduardo Alonso

      It’s been several months since Jose Pele Landi set foot in an NHB ring to fight at a pro event. Since his controversial loss against Takada dojo’s own Daijiro Matsui at Pride 14, Pele has been struggling to find an opponent and waiting patiently to fight again. Now the moment has come, and the Chute Boxe veteran is looking to take this opportunity against former UFC champion Carlos Newton and bring his career where he feels it should be, back to the top! FCF had the pleasure to hear from Pele about his next fight, his pupil Murilo Ninja, and his plans for the future.

FCF:   You have been away from the ring for a long time. Are you anxious to get in there and fight again?
Pele:   I’m more anxious than anyone now. I’m dreaming with my win and I’ll fight hard for it on February 22nd, and show to the world what is a real fight.

FCF:   It’s very hard for a fighter of your caliber to stay focused on training without fighting for so long. How has your training been during all this time without competing?
Pele:   You’re right. For me this has been very tough, the years are going by and things are getting tougher and tougher. But my warrior’s will is bigger than that and I’m fighting against myself, against my injuries, against the false media. I’m fighting against everything and it’ll be an amazing victory! Whoever comes with me will be victorious together with me!

FCF:   Can we expect you to be very well prepared for this fight?
Pele:   For sure! I’ll show up with a great cardio, with new techniques. I try to learn all the time, and every teaching is important to me.

FCF:   DSE finally announced your fight against Carlos Newton at the upcoming Pride event. Newton is a very experienced fighter, a former UFC champion. What do you think of him as a fighter?
Pele:   He is a good fighter and I’m very happy to be fighting him. This fight is going to be very important to me.

FCF:   What do you expect from this fight against Newton? How do you see the fight ending?
Pele:   I think it will end in a knockout!

FCF:   Newton is a very good grappler, and he always look for submissions. Your ground game has also improved a lot over the years, but your Muay Thai is your strongest point. Do you think this fight will go to the ground, or do you expect it to turn into a standup battle?
Pele:   You never know! I’m training hard for whatever may come. He also likes to fight standing up, so let’s see what will happen!

FCF:   After you fight Newton, is there anyone that you would like to face in Pride?
Pele:   I don’t pick opponents and I won’t challenge anyone. I will just follow the evolution of my career, and after Carlos Newton I hope that I’ll face other quality fighters such as him.

FCF:   Your pupil, Murilo Ninja, has been making a name for himself. How do you analyze Ninja’s performance so far in Pride?
Pele:   Ninja is a talent for sure. He is a talent from Chute Boxe, and he has at least 16 years more in the profession ahead of him. You’re going to hear a lot from Ninja in the future without a doubt. He will leave his name written forever in the NHB world.

Eduardo and Pele
FCF:   What did you think of the fight between Ninja and Dan Henderson?
Pele:   I think it was great! But I just think that Ninja lacked just a bit of Muay Thai in the end of the fight. But this is something that he is[working on]. He is learning and evolving.

FCF:   Recently you gave Ninja his black belt. What did that mean to you?
Pele:   Without a doubt I was very proud. I’m a young black belt and I already have a very talented pupil! For me this is a sign of evolution. Of the modern times, where a teacher will discuss techniques with his student, and in the end both learn with the experience.

FCF:   What can we expect from your future?
Pele:   Now I want to have a bigger success in my career. I never had so much success as I’m planning to have now. Without a doubt I’ll be victorious.

FCF:   Do you have any message for your future opponents?
Pele:   What I have to say to my opponents is for them to wait for me, because I’m coming! (Laughs)

FCF:   Good luck in your fight against Newton.
Pele:   Thanks a lot! I want to give a message to everybody to stop all that unnecessary violence! If anyone wants to brawl and fight, instead of picking fights in the street or at the nightclubs, start to train and become a professional, because this is the real way!

From Susumu’s Gallery:

Susumu’s Gallery Update


We have added 16 pictures of Marlos Coenen vs. YABUSHITA Megumi held on January 13th.

Please enjoy!

Susumu’s Gallery:

From the event’s promoter:

Warriors Quest 4: 1 Match Added!
Jake Shields
Cesar Gracie Fight Team
Jeremy Williams
Next Generation Academy

This fight has a lot of background to it and it all started when Jake Shields flicked the middle finger to Chris Brennan after Shields won a decision over Brennan’s student Tracey Hess. Shortly after that incident in UFC 35, Shields’ temmate Gil Castillo beats Chris Brennan by Decision. There is a lot of BAD BLOOD between both camps and I assure you that there will be fire in the ring when the bell rings. Shields and Williams have been making waves in California’s top events like King of the Cage, Gladiators Challenge and the IFC.
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