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Wednesday, Jul 30, 2003

Fight Time Is Near As The Heat Is Set To Take Brazil This July 31st!

Fight Time is near as the HEAT is set to take Brazil this July 31st!
By Eduardo Alonso
Photos by Marcelo Alonso

Carlos Barreto  vs. Ben Rothwell
Barreto vs. Rothwell

      After plenty of expectation and wait by the whole Brazilian MMA scene, the time has finally come for HEAT FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP to debut, and the atmosphere couldn’t be better at the gorgeous city of Natal. At this past Tuesday, July 29th almost all the fighters who are competing in the show got to the city, including American fighters Forrest Griffin and Ben Rothwell, and Brazilian stars Renato Babalu, Carlos Barreto and Ebenezer Braga. On the same day a press conference was held, and only a few fighters were absent. The highlights of the press conference included a explanation by the promoters of HEAT FC about the show’s concept, objective and most importantly the show’s future. Most certainly nobody in Brazil ever saw such a endeavor project including the making of amateur shows in 2004 to develop talent, as well as HEAT FC 2 coming up in November and promising a lot of surprises in its card.

Renato Sobral  vs. Marcelo Azevedo
Babalu vs. Azevedo

      One of the matches that are attracting more attention for the HEAT FC 1 card this Thursday July 31st is the return of PRIDE, K-1 and UFC veteran Ebenezer Fontes Braga facing tough newcomer Forrest Griffin. At the press conference Braga said he respects Forrest a lot and isn’t feeling comfortable with the fact that Griffin is a newcomer, since he was once a newcomer himself and he built his reputation by facing famous fighters as the underdog. On his part Forrest told the press that fighting on the opponent’s "home turf" is always interesting since it’s a challenge and it gives the other fighter responsibility. When asked about whether he will trade strikes with Braga or not, Griffin replied smiling that he always likes to trade some strikes to entertain the fans, and he is taking this fight as the chance to rise from a medium level fighter to top level fighter. The main event features Carlos Barreto from the Brazilian Top Team against HOOKnSHOOT veteran Ben Rothwell, who is anxious to fight and plans to beat Barreto, proving he deserves a chance at shows such as the UFC. During the press conference Ben had few words to say, while Barreto was the traditional showboat he always is and guaranteed everybody he is on the best shape of his life, and gave a hint that he is planning to turn the fight into a stand up one at least during the beginning.

Angelo Araujo vs. Edson Paredao
Araujo vs. Paredao

      Another star featured in the card is Ruas Vale Tudo fighter Renato Babalu Sobral who has been eager to fight since his fight at Extreme Force was cancelled, and is in great shape. Babalu said that the fact he knows little about his opponent may work in his opponent’s favor, therefore he must respect him. All in all the show is promising some heated battles with WEF veteran Alexandre "Baixinho" Barros against MECA veteran Josenildo Rodrigues, in what is looking like a probable Muay Thai war in the HEAT FC ring. IVC Venezuela runner up Angelo Araujo facing Edson Paredao, who is an extremely strong guy, is also shaping up as an interesting match up as both guys are heavyweights and looking in shape. Besides that, the production of the show is been kept as a surprise that will most certainly shock all the Brazilian MMA community. The weigh-ins went well this Wednesday, and all fighters made weight. The rules meeting also went smooth, as only the typical questions were issued. The show features a mix of PRIDE/UFC rules, with no foot stomps and kicks to the face on the ground, and no elbows at all in any position, to avoid cuts. Knees are however legal in any position, and the expectation is few fights will come to a judges’ decision, in which no draws are allowed.

      All in all everything is ready and fighting time is approaching, as the Machadinho arena is awaiting a crowd of around 7,000 spectators to witness the debut of the newest promotion in Brazil, promising to conquer its space in the MMA scene right away, and looking for a long stay in the game. FCF will have results and event coverage right here, so don’t miss it!

United Full Contact Federation:
Battle in Seattle

Held July 26, 2003
At the Seattle Police Pavilion
Seattle, Washington
By Mike Neva

Otto "Spiderman" Olson may be the most beloved mma figure in the Pacific Northwest. Sporting an undefeated 2-0 amateur mma record, the Washington state native has been able to make the transition from elite wrestler to one of the most acclaimed young fighters in the state. Finishing 2nd ,3rd , and 5th in the NCCA championships for the prestigious Michigan state wrestling team, Olson’s credentials as a wrestler are unquestioned. Trainer Charles Pearson stated the biggest problem with Olson is "no one wants to fight him ". Finding an opponent may have been difficult, but on this evening, Team Quest fighter Chris Leben, was more than happy to test his wares against the home town favorite.

Bisbey pounding Vellow
Bisbey pounding Vellow

The intimate surroundings inside the Seattle Police Pavilion coupled with the free flowing suds from the beer garden had the crowd in an absolute frenzy as Olsen worked his way through the ruckus crowd for the impending battle. Leben stood calm and ready as the thunderous crowd chanted "Otto, Otto, Otto" as the bout began. Early on Leben was able to fend off Olson’s takedown attempts and kept a solid base in the clinch. Olson was able to latch onto Leben’s head and attempt a guillotine choke, pulling to his own guard for more leverage. Leben stayed calm and was able to break free of the guillotine. The Team Quest representative then looked to land punches, but Olson was quickly able to get back to his feet. The jam packed arena was electric as both fighters looked to land punches on their feet. Leben threw a punch that seemingly came from nowhere landed square to the face of Olson and it was lights out as referee Joe Derobbio dove in to save the defenseless fighter from any more damage. Robert Follis and company stormed the ring to celebrate Leben’s upset victory as the hometown fans stared in disbelief that their hometown boy had just been defeated.

1. Pankration
Troy Hutnik def. Lance Ott by split decision after three 3-minute rounds

2. Pankration
JT Horner def. Calito Fransisco by guillotine choke at 2:01 of round 2

3. Kickboxing
Kyle Forsberg def. Naram Folka by unanimous decision after three 90-second rounds

4. Pankration
Bryce Hamilton def. Joe Roberts by TKO referee stoppage from punches at 1:48 of round 1
5. Pankration

Kevin Getch def. Clint Radovich by unanimous decision after three 3-minute rounds

6. Kickboxing
Ed Herman def. Allen Cameron by unanimous decision after three 90-second rounds

7. Pankration
Shawn Cahill def. James Hanson by TKO corner threw in the towel after round 2

8. Steve Ward def. Eric Wirt by split decision after three 3-minute rounds

9. Kickboxing
Charlie Shaw def. Faris Alzeragi by unanimous decision after three 90-second rounds

10. Kickboxing
Dale Kangas def. Carmen Cassella by TKO broken nose after round 1

11. Pankration
Buck Bisbey def. Jason Vellow by TKO referee stoppage from punches at :48 of round 2

12. Pankration
Chris Leben def. Otto Olson by KO from a punch at 2:01 of round 1

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