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Sunday, Nov 26, 2006

Filho Challenges Shogun, Wanderlei Calls Him Chicken

Filho Challenges Shogun, Wanderlei Calls Him Chicken

The dispute between Rogerio and Arona for the right to face Wanderlei Silva, took another spicy and controversial turn after the final of the PrideFC 83kg Grand Prix. After the event, Paulo Filho was asked if he was really planning to go up to the middleweight division and who he would like to fight. Filho said that he would just like to make one fight in the 93kg division. "My normal weight is 97kg; I just came down to 83kg because I have a lot of friends in that division. My main goal in 83kg is to face the champion, Dan Henderson, but I really would like to go up to the 93kg category to face Shogun in a special fight. I never forgot the day he said I was the next in line [the day he beat Ricardo Arona]. I will show him the real Jiu-Jitsu game that he will not be able to blink his eye," Filho challenged, starting a new chapter in the war between BTT and Chute Boxe.

Wanderlei Silva - Photo by Marcelo Alonso

One day after Filho’s statement, Wanderlei was asked about what could happen in a possible fight between Shogun and Filho. In response, the champion threw out a bomb of his own. "I think he didn’t take his daily gardenal [it’s a medicine for mad people], Shogun would kill him. For what he did in the Grand Prix, this guy is talking too much. What he did was a shame. He chickened out of facing Kang because of a little pain in his leg, that’s ridiculous — a total lack of respect with the Japanese audience and something that a top fighter can never do. This guy is talking too much", said the always controversial Wand.

From the event’s promoter:


Place: Auburn Super-Mall, Vision Quest Sport and Fitness.
Date: Dec 2nd 2006
Time: Doors open 7PM, Fights start 8PM
General Admission tickets $25, VIP $30, Ringside $40-$50
Tickets available at: Vision Quest – Auburn Supermall 253-333-7771
AMC Kickboxing & Pankration – Kirkland 425-822-9656

Don’t miss the superfight!!!!

Special 3 man tag challenge to end the night as over 1400 pounds collide, this may bring the ring down!!

MMA, Kickboxing, Lightweight Grand Prix MMA semifinals, "The Superfight", and The tag team challenge match!!!!

Ian Wallace vs Chris Zaragoza 160 MMA
Andy Palmer vs Jovon Curtis 160 MMA
Fred Ward vs Anthony Matney 160 MMA
Abraham Velasco vs Brian Roberge 185 MMA
Demetrious Johnson vs Michael Arias 130 MMA
Paul Franz vs Aaron Park 185 MMA
Roque Martinez vs Tua Aiono Hvy MMA
Adrian Simmons vs Michael Briggs 145 (Kickboxing)
Jett Dorage vs Jesse Davis 145 MMA Grand prix semi’s
Bobby Brokenshire vs Zach Mukai 145 MMA MMA Grand prix semi’s
Taurean Washington vs Caros Fodor 170 MMA Super fight title match
Submission wrestling challenge tag team match:
White Buffalo Hunters – Brent Knopp, Malembe Gonzales, & Kenan Erden
White Buffalo Rockstars – John Hall, Kevin Moore, & Shawn Cahill

From the event’s promoter:

IFL logo
Red Bears will live and train together in a renovated Fire House

NEW YORK, November 27, 2006 – The International Fight League (IFL) today announced that completion of its 12-team field for its 2007 season, adding a Chicago-based team of Russian fighters named the Red Bears. The inaugural IFL season will begin in the first quarter of 2007, with the 11 date full season schedule to be announced shortly.

"We are very pleased that we have been able to add this group of up-and-coming athletes as the 12th team for our first full season," said IFL Co-founder and Commissioner Kurt Otto. "Chicago is a hotbed for the sport and this will create a great natural rivalry with our Quad Cities team, as well as giving the strong Russian following of the sport a team to follow and connect with."

The Red Bears will be coached by MMA veteran Igor Zinoviev and will consist of a roster of athletes from Russia, who will live and train together in a renovated fire house in Chicago.

The announcement of the Chicago-based team brings to 12 the final number for the IFL’s first season. Teams based in Reno, Nevada; Tucson, Arizona; and Orange County, California, were announced earlier in the fall, and will join with the original eight IFL teams who have competed in the IFL "Legends" and "World Team Championship" tournaments which were held this spring and fall. The final IFL event for 2006 will take place at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut on Friday, December 29 between the Moline-based Silverbacks and the Portland-based Wolfpack.

From the event’s promoter:

BodogFight Brings Submission Wrestling Prodigy to Vancouver
Roger Gracie makes mixed martial arts pro debut vs. Ron Waterman

Roger Gracie of the famed Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gracie family makes his mixed martial arts (MMA) debut against ex-WWE superstar Ron Waterman at BodogFight’s spectacular pay-per-view event at Vancouver’s PNE Agrodome on Saturday, December 2. This headline Superfight will stamp Vancouver as an elite MMA destination city alongside Tokyo and Las Vegas.

"Bringing Roger Gracie and his family’s tradition to Vancouver marks a new era in sports entertainment," says Bodog.com Entertainment Founder Calvin Ayre, whose company recently announced plans for international expansion into the European and Asian markets. "MMA is one of the world’s fastest growing spectator sports and BodogFight is holding its promise to deliver fans incredible matchups."

Roger Gracie is a highly decorated Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner and son of Reyla Gracie, the daughter of Carlos Gracie and Mauricio Motta Gomes. Carlos Gracie was co-founder of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) discipline and Mauricio Motta Gomes holds a seventh degree BJJ black belt and is one of the sport’s foremost authorities. With such pedigree, it’s easy to understand why this debut carries such significance in the MMA world. The Gracie fighting heritage, which spans five generations, has fallen from the top ranks of the fighting world because the spotlight has been seized by a succession of American wrestlers and hybridized MMA competitors. However, 24-year-old phenom Roger is the great hope for the Gracie family to reclaim prominence in the sport in the 21st century.

Gracie isn’t shy about his chances Saturday, proclaiming in a recently published Bodog Nation article that he will submit Waterman, a 13-year veteran in the sport. "I know my physical conditioning is better than his, so it’ll be in the first or second round, maximum," Gracie predicted, sparking a war of words. To read the full article, visit the popular online magazine Bodog Nation (http://www.bodognation.com/bodog-news/bodogfight-the-war-of-words.html).

BodogFight: Season I culminates Saturday with a spectacular fight card featuring the eight Team USA vs. Russia matches, three incredible Superfights headlined by Gracie’s MMA debut and two undercard bouts guaranteed to provide heavy-handed stand-up action. For ticket and PPV ordering information go to http://www.bodogfight.com/ppv/.

With the PPV date closing in, fight fans are already anticipating BodogFight: St. Petersburg, scheduled for filming through December in St. Petersburg, Russia, which will be topped off with BodogFight’s second live pay-per-view event in March. Biographies of all fighters, exclusive footage, and unedited interviews from the St. Petersburg filming will soon be available at BodogFight’s official website, www.bodogfight.com , with additions added to "The Latest" section as MMA news happens. Each second season episode will air simultaneously on the BodogFight.com broadband network and in over 43 million homes across the United States on DISH network and Men’s Outdoor and Recreation.

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