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Thursday, May 04, 2000

Full Contact Fighter Tvback On The Air Friday Night!

Full Contact Fighter TV
Back on the Air Friday night!

Full Contact Fighter Television is back on the air. The show, which debuted in Canada last fall, will be broadcast on Florida’s Sunshine Network every Friday evening at 11:00 PM. The Sunshine Network is one of the United States’ premier sports networks, boasting an elite schedule of professional and collegiate events.

The on-camera team for Full Contact Fighter TV will include "The Mouth of NHB" Joel Gold. Gold, of course, is Full Contact Fighter publication’s Editor and Michael Landsberg of TSN’s Off the Record. Off the Record is Canada’s most popular talk show among males 18-34, and Landsberg is one of Canadian television’s most recognizable sports television personalities.

Brian Sobie is the show’s producer. He brings eleven years of sports television experience, and produced the show’s pilot, along with a 1999 documentary on the UFC and NHB star Gary "Big Daddy" Goodridge.

Full Contact Fighter TV will cover big-name fighters like Mark Kerr, Ken Shamrock, Mark Coleman, Kazushi Sakuraba, and Frank Shamrock as well as major promotions like World Extreme Fighting (WEF), Pride, Rings, Extreme Challenge, FutureBrawl, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and many others.

Two shows have already been taped with stories on the tremendous PRIDE card scheduled for May 13th on Pay-Per-View and World Extreme Fighting. The debut show of FCF on Friday, May 5th will have a feature on Ken Shamrock and his return to NHB. Fans who do not want to know the PRIDE results before the PPV broadcast have nothing to fear, because the first episoides of FCF TV were shot before the PRIDE event.

Full Contact Fighter TV will also be bringing the WEF to pay-per-view audiences in Canada on Viewers Choice Canada. The main event on the May 13th card will be Marcus "Conan" Silveira against former UFC Champion Dan "The Beast" Severn for the WEF Heavyweight Championship. Viewers’ Choice plans to air the show on May, 27th. Also appearing on the card are hard punching Matt Hughes, tough guy Bobby Hoffman and Brazilian superstar Jose "Pele" Landi.

Those in the Florida area are invited to tune in to the show, and NHB fans outside of Florida are encouraged to call their DirectTV office to see if they are showing FCF in their sports package in your area. DirectTV has a sports package that includes the Sunshine Network for people all over the country. Or write your local sports cable stations and ask them to add Full Contact Fighter TV to their schedule.

From the event’s promoter:

April 29th, 2000
Tell City, Indiana TRIAL 3 (Amateur Trials!)

4 Man Tournaments for Amateur Belts
SFC Style Amateur Rules
No headstrikes on the ground
10 minutes / 3 minute OT.

Lightweight Tournament (141-160 lbs)
Mike Dunn Def. Nick Risen (towel thrown in)
Trey Durham Def. Alan Woolums (armbar)
Durham Def. Dunn (stoppage on armbar)
CHAMPION: Trey Durham (Sevierville, TN. / Kaizen BJJ)

Middleweight Tournament (161-180 lbs)
Jason Black Def. James McCarroll (dec.)
Virgil Strzelecki Def Brian Skippo
Jason Black Def Strzelecki
CHAMPION: James Black (Davenport, IA. / Miletich Martial Arts)

Lightheavyweight Tournament (181-200 lbs)
Mike Heuser Def. Chris Cann (tap out)
Josh Weatherbolt Def. Brian Lakins (Dec.)
Mike Heuser Def. Weatherbolt (dec.)
CHAMPION: Mike Hueser (Davenport, IA. / Miletich Martial Arts)

Heavyweight Tournament (over 200 lbs)
Gene Click Def. Gavin Weurth (armbar)
Warren Brooks Def. Rick McChristian (tap out – smother)
Gene Click Def. Warren Brooks (armbar)
CHAMPION: Gene Click (Knoxville, TN. / Kaizen BJJ)


Dale Carson (200 lbs. / Terre Haute, IN. 2-1 in NHB)
Keith Wisniewski (190 lbs. / Portage, IN.)
Wisniewski by rear naked choke

Scott Henze (190 lbs. / Tell City, IN.)
Don Comley (195 lbs.)
Scott Henze by arm bar under 1 minute

COMING SOON – June 10th, 2000 – Evansville, Indiana MELTDOWN!


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