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Monday, Jun 24, 2013

Full Contact Fighter’s “The Daily Takedown”: UFC 162’s Weidman Has Odd Amount Of Support For 9-0 Fighter Challenging A Pound-For-Pound Great

By Joshua Molina

The buzz around Chris Weidman heading into his July 6 battle with pound-for-pound great Anderson Silva is remarkable, considering that Weidman has 9 MMA fights.

From Georges St-Pierre to Frankie Edgar  respected fighters believe Weidman will upset the great Silva.

There’s no doubt Weidman deserves the title shot, but a lot of big names believe he will win and that’s stunning, considering that Silva is regarded as the best MMA fighter on the planet.

The entire MMA landscape will change if Weidman pulls off an upset. He would single-handedly take millions of dollars off the table in a superfight between Silva and Jon Jones, or Silva and Georges St-Pierre.

On the other hand, Weidman would emerge over night as a big MMA star. Endorsement deals would beat down his door.

Despite the fact that many fighters have been vocal about wanting or expecting to see Weidman win, his chances are slim.

Even though he was a college wrestling star, Weidman is fighting a guy who seems to beat everybody fairly convincingly. Silva managed to somehow rally to defeat Chael Sonnen, a star wrestler, who was at the top of his game at the time.

No one knows how Weidman will adjust to Silva’s awkward style, his effective counter punching or his masterful defense.

Weidman could be the perfect foil to Silva, but he could also be the final challenge in Silva’s quest to be the best ever.

Whatever happens, Weidman may have the greatest fighter support of any 9-0 fighter to ever challenge a pound-for-pound great, in history.


posted by FCF Staff @ 7:43 pm
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