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Friday, Feb 01, 2013

Full Contact Fighter’s “The Daily Takedown:” Belfort, Brock and Bigfoot

Vitor Belfort (photo via Ryan Loco)

By Joshua Molina

Vitor Belfort tweeted a photo of a disgusting gash over his eye that he supposedly sustained 10 days before he KO’d Michael Bisping.  Odd timing consider the rumors all over the web that Belfort may have failed a pre-fight drug test.

Officially, the tests have not come back yet from the Brazilian Athletic Commission.  Whatever the results, Belfort physically looked like he had turned back the clock when he stepped inside the cage against Bisping.  If he did get the gnarly gash 10 days before the fight, his doctors did a great job fixing him up so quickly.

. . . Natural freak of nature Brock Lesnar re-signed with the WWE for two more years. The only man to wear the WWE and UFC titles did a run-in to give the WWE owner an F-5 finisher, leading up to a big match at Wrestlemania against Triple H.

Lesnar brings a big-level, real-fight intensity to the WWE, even if he will be booked to lose all of his big matches to prove that WWE’s guys are better than UFC guys.

Lesnar doesn’t really care if he wins or loses. He reportedly earned $5 million last year to appear 15 times on WWE telecasts.  He’s taken the old pro wrestling adage, “pin me, pay me,” to the extreme.

. . . The bad blood is building between Alistair Overeem and Bigfoot Silva. Overeem reportedly told Silva he would (expletive) destroy him at a pre-fight event.  Expect Overeem to destroy him with vicious kicks followed by a quick beat down on the mat.  Expect Bigfoot to fall on his back every chance he can get to trick Overeem into his guard in hopes of catching Overeem in a triangle.

Overeem is too smart, however, to let that happen.


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