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Saturday, Jan 19, 2013

Full Contact Fighter’s “The Daily Takedown:” Chad Griggs’ Lashley Lashing Will Be His Legacy

MMA heavyweight and firefighter Chad Griggs (right) made his biggest career statement when he stopped former WWE star Bobby Lashley's (left) undefeated run

By Joshua Molina

Chad Griggs may not be the most famous man in mixed martial arts, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t leave an impact on the sport.

Griggs, unfortunately, was one of nine fighters who recently got axed by the UFC. Griggs previously found success in the IFL and, most famously, in Strikeforce.

Griggs was a full-time firefighter and part-time MMA fighter. Besides for his wicked pork chops, Griggs will be remembered as the guy who stopped Bobby Lashley, a three-time college wrestling champion and pro wrestling star in his tracks.

Griggs was the underdog in that 2010 fight. Lashley, because of his pro wrestling status, was able to sign a deal with Strikeforce, even though he was a largely unproven prospect.

Lashley had developed a reputation for being high-maintenance. He reportedly once pulled out of a fight because bookers couldn’t guarantee that his preliminary fight would appear on television,

Griggs exposed Lashley’s lack of cardio conditioning by pummeling him into exhaustion at the end of Round 2.
Griggs displayed good power by stunning Lashley in the fight, busting open a cut by his left eye.
Griggs manhandled Lashley, forcing the ref to stop the fight after the second round.

When the bell rang to end the second round, Lashley was out on his feet.

Griggs put together two impressive wins after dropping Lashley, but then in his UFC debut was tapped out by Travis Browne and then lost a second UFC fight by submission.

Then, this week, the UFC put an end to Griggs’ MMA career in the UFC.

Griggs will hopefully land a job in Bellator, if he wants it.

If not, and his career ends this week, he will be remembered as a talented tough guy who proved that, at least in the Lashley fight, in the sport of MMA, skill, conditioning and heart will always beat big muscles, a gimmick and an entitled attitude.


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