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Monday, Jul 15, 2013

Full Contact Fighter’s “The Daily Takedown:” Daniel Cormier Needs to Fight UFC Champ

UFC heavyweight Daniel Cormier

By Joshua Molina

Other than wanting to fight on the same big card as his best friend forever Cain Velasquez, there’s no reason rising star Daniel Cormier should be working to fight Roy Nelson at UFC 166.

Cormier seems content fighting just to fight, with seemingly no aspirations to be heavyweight or light heavyweight champion of the world.

What will Cormier gain by fighting Nelson? Probably a boring, three-round victory.

Or worse? A knockout loss?

DC is on the track toward MMA stardom. Roy Nelson is a man’s man, but he will never be world champion.

The obvious fight to make is Cormier vs. UFC champ Velasquez. That won’t happen, however, because the two are buddies.

Cormier is apparently content letting Velasquez be on top with the belt. It’s likely to continue for years. No one looks to be a major threat to Velasquez.

No one, except Cormier.

Why can’t these two be professional and step into the cage with one another?

When did fighters become so polite?

Cormier will have to drop down to light heavyweight and fight Jon Jones for the belt. That would be a great fight, but when is that gonna happen?

Cormier will have drop 25 pounds — no easy task. And then fight a younger, faster Jones. Cormier is a superior wrestler and puncher, but who knows if he can make weight or what it would do to him if he tried.

One of the sport’s brightest stars is stuck with no great options only because he won’t fight his friend and training partner.

It feels like true friends could fight each other then hug when it’s all over.

Especially if it means banking $500,000 along the way.

Cormier needs to step up and challenge for the heavyweight title. Waiting for Velasquez to lose is silly.

True friends can fight and not hold grudges. Fans deserve it.

posted by JoshuaM @ 9:18 pm
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