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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Full Contact Fighter’s “The Daily Takedown”: Diaz, Fighters Should Train, Not Tweet

Nate Diaz (photo via UFC)

By Joshua Molina

You know you’re in trouble when you say you meant the word “bitch” instead of the word you actually used.

Nate Diaz, the Diaz brother who is supposed to be the good one, tweeted the F word, to describe Bryan Caraway, who was awarded Pat Healy’s bonus money after Healy tested positive for marijuana.

Caraway took Healy’s $130K and Diaz called him a derogatory term for homosexuals to describe him.

Bad word choice aside, this is what happens when you lose. You get distracted and say stupid things. Diaz is coming off a bad knockout loss to Josh Thomson.

He is a total mess and is obviously unnecessarily angry. Diaz likely won’t get fired, but one more loss and one more outburst is going to land him in Bellator — or worse, fighting for his brother’s WAR promotion.

Speaking of tweets, these fighters really need to refrain from using Twitter as a vehicle to spew hate.

Twitter should be about public relations, not public embarrassments. The best thing to do if you are a fighter is stay away from Twitter and focus on your training and fighting.


Mike Tyson never had Twitter. Muhammad Ali never had Twitter. Michael Phelps wasn’t tweeting while winning eight gold medals in the Olympics.


Social media is a great tool of broad communication in a quick and instant way. But it’s not good for fighters to tweet recklessly, especially when they work for the UFC, and with the brand behind them, wouldn’t have much of Twitter audience in the first place.


If fighters want to stay connected to fans through social media, they should designate their manager or someone they trust to be charge of the communication. That will reduce impulsive texts.


In addition, every time a fighter, whether it’s Nate Diaz or anyone else tweets, it demystifies everything that fans should believe a fighter should be. Fans don’t want to think of fighters as sitting behind their keyboards tweeting like everyone else in the world.


They want to think their fighters are training every waking moment, like Rocky, running on the beach and getting ready to pound someone.


That’s the myth and aura of a fighter. Diaz should be training, not tweeting.


posted by FCF Staff @ 3:11 pm
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