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Friday, Sep 28, 2012

Full Contact Fighter’s “The Daily Takedown:” Diaz vs. GSP, Still the Dream Fight We Want to See

MMA bad boy Nick Diaz (pictured)

By Joshua Molina

Nick Diaz is one of the sport’s triumphs and tragedies.  He’s incredibly talented, yet always seems to self-destruct.

He is his own worst enemy.

So let’s hope he is able to get the court to reinstate him so he can return to the cage. Diaz has the potential to carry the UFC to the next level. He’s a great fighter. He’s an excellent talker, not because he’s eloquent, but because he’s honest.

He probably won the fight against Carlos Condit. He certainly didn’t “lose” it, even if the judges said so.
People can talk about “dream fights” forever, but the best dream fight would be Diaz vs. Georges St. Pierre. That would be a scrap of epic proportions.

Diaz has been calling out St. Pierre for years. Diaz would force St. Pierre to fight him back.  There’s no way that fight would last five rounds.

It’s a shame that Diaz was suspended for a year for using medicinal marijuana to treat his ADHD. Diaz has a doctor’s recommendation, and anyone who has ever seen Nick Diaz in an interview knows that he legitimately has problems with focusing.

It’s the second time Diaz has been suspended for using medicine that is legal in California, where Diaz lives.
The sport needs Nick Diaz more than Nick Diaz needs the sport.

Let him back — ASAP.

By the way, GSP, you have some unfinished business with Diaz’s training buddy, Jake Shields. Shields was one round away from pulling off an upset more than a year ago in Canada.
Shields has moved up in weight, but at some point he deserves another fight with GSP. Shields, after all, holds a victory over Condit.
Shields is a top-level fighter, barely losing to GSP, then getting KO’d by Jake Ellenberger in a fight he should have pulled out of because his father died just days prior.
If Nick Diaz ever gets in the ring with GSP, you know Diaz will be looking for a little revenge for his fight brother.

posted by JoshuaM @ 3:27 pm
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