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Friday, Sep 06, 2013

Full Contact Fighter’s “The Daily Takedown”: For Alistair Overeem, UFC 167 Fight With Frank Mir is More Bad News

Frank Mir

By Joshua Molina

Go ahead and call it a “Loser Leaves Town” fight. That’s because after UFC 167, either Frank Mir or Alistair Overeem will probably be gone from the UFC.

And that person will probably be Overeem. This is a terrible fight for both guys. It’s kind of like a fight between two guys to see who’s more washed up than the other one.

Mir has lost his last three fights and Overeem his last two. It appears as though neither one of these guys will compete for a heavyweight title anytime soon.

It’s going to be tough for both of these guys to get motivated to fight each other. More driving them will be a “I don’t want to lose to this guy” attitude.

The bad news for Overeen is that Mir would have been a bad fight for him even before his big fall from the top.

Overeem doesn’t have the hunger and aggression to push the fight anymore. He can’t win a strategic battle against Mir. Mir will likely take Overeem down and submit him.

Overeem doesn’t have many options once he’s on the bottom.

The Overeem who fought Brock Lesnar is long gone, but even that guy would have struggled with Mir’s style. The new Overeem is going to struggle heavily against Mir, the far better wrestler.

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