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Monday, Mar 11, 2013

Full Contact Fighter’s “The Daily Takedown:” GSP’s Bold Prediction Might Be Good News For Nick Diaz

UFC welterweight kingpin Georges St. Pierre

By Joshua Molina

If Georges St-Pierre’s recent comments about Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva are an indication of his mental state going in to Saturday’s fight with Nick Diaz, then Diaz is in for a successful night.

St-Pierre predicts that Weidman will not only beat Silva, but FINISH him.

I thought Diaz was the medicinal marijuana smoker.

That’s a flat-out insane prediction for GSP to make. You are talking about a guy who is regarded as pound-for-pound the best in the world against a guy with 9 fights.

Anything can happen when two men step into the cage (ask Alistair Overeem), but GSP must be getting light-headed from his hours of cardio training on the treadmill.

You just don’t make a prediction like that. Rumor has it that GSP is also predicting Chael Sonnen will finish Jon Jones in the first round with a wicked ground-and-pound attack after dropping Jones with a spinning heel kick.

If GSP makes a similar mental lapse Saturday night, Diaz had better be ready to jump on him. Both Diaz brothers are good fighters, but like their Bay Area brothers the San Francisco 49ers, are also master choke artists.

Nick seems to melt or get frustrated under pressure, as was the case in the Carlos Condit fight.

If I could have 5 minutes to talk to Diaz one-on-one, I would tell him this:

Don’t taunt or trash talk in the cage against GSP
Don’t hit yourself in the head during the fight to prove how tough you are
Don’t lower your hands and tell GSP to hit you
Don’t throw up a gratuitous middle finger during the fight to look like a tough guy

If there was ever a time to Man Up and fight like it matters, like it’s a sport, not a backyard brawl, like you are a professional athlete looking to make history, not just a well-conditioned, well-trained tough guy, Saturday night is THE night.

Fight smart. Fight tough. Fight to win. You might never be back again.

This is your chance to prove to the haters, and the soccer moms, that you were right all along.

posted by JoshuaM @ 3:50 pm
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