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Monday, Apr 22, 2013

Full Contact Fighter’s “The Daily Takedown:” Hey UFC, FOX, No More Post-Fight Proposals

Ben Henderson (right) proposed to his fiance following his victory over Gilbert Melendez on FOX on Saturday.

By Joshua Molina

Saturday’s UFC on FOX show featured good action, but the production was uncharacteristically unpolished.

Four fights in two hours is too many. They had to cut post-fight interviews because they were in such a rush to speed up the show.

We wanted to hear from Josh Thomson and Daniel Cormier after their victories. The best way to promote the next fight is to call out other fighters after the fight.

Instead, we got ring entrances cut, post-fight interviews slashed and an overall feeling of a rushed show.  All of that makes Benson Henderson’s post-fight shenanigans all the more unfortunate. Henderson proposed to his fiancé right after his victory.

Why did he do that? The stunt was disrespectful to the UFC and a huge punk of his opponent Gilbert Melendez. Was Henderson so confident that he would beat Melendez that he planned one of the biggest moments of his life on national television?

There was Melendez, failing in the biggest moment of his professional life, and then getting owned one more time by Henderson who turned the emotional attention to his personal life.

The UFC should crack down on this kind of behavior on live shows. Just like Matt Mitrione shouldn’t use the UFC platform to spout of his personal views on transgendered fighters, Henderson shouldn’t use the UFC stage to promote his personal life.

Broadcast television are the public’s airwaves.  UFC should show the ring entrances and the post-fight interviews, not the soap opera.

posted by JoshuaM @ 6:30 pm
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