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Thursday, Sep 20, 2012

Full Contact Fighter’s “The Daily Takedown:” Jon Jones Holier Than Thou Attitude Is Hypocritical

Jon Jones (photo via Al Bello/ Zuffa LLC)

By Joshua Molina

Jon Jones is sooo lucky he’s not running for elected office.

If he were, he’d be in it deeper than the troubled Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Jones, the one-time darling of the sport has lost a lot of street credibility in recent weeks, after his refusal to fight a smaller, older fighter named Chael Sonnen.

Jones claims he wasn’t running scared. He was just running smart.

Either way, he clearly believes he’s better than everybody else. Here’s proof, straight from the horse’s mouth.

“At the end of the day, I’m the one who has to live with the decisions I’ve made,” Jones told MMA Junkie. “I really don’t think they’re as valuable to anyone as they are to me. I’m the one who’s been doing this for five years and eating healthy and going to bed early and skipping out on great times when everyone else is out doing what they want to do. I’m the one that’s dedicated himself to being the champion.”

Yeah, sure. Except for that night/morning Jones was arrested and eventually convicted for drunken driving, caught in the car with two women who weren’t his girlfriend.

He crashed his car into a utility pole. His license was suspended. He was also forced to install a device that blocks his car from starting if he’s got alcohol on his breath.

Yeah, he’s been dedicated and going to bed early. Except for that night.

. . . Who will Daniel Cormier fight?

Frank Mir’s injury will allow him to escape the fight with the sport’s most interesting heavyweight.

The challenge in finding a replacement, from a matchmaking perspective is to get someone good, with a name, but not someone who has a strong chance to beat Cormier.

The goal is to bring Cormier over to the UFC. A loss to a last-minute replacement would cost Cormier, Strikeforce and the UFC a lot of money.

A fight with Fabricio Werdum would be a good choice, assuming he doesn’t bow his head in Werdum’s guard once Werdum eventually goes to his back.

In other words, fight like Alistair, not Fedor.

posted by FCF Staff @ 2:56 pm
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