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Tuesday, Aug 14, 2012

Full Contact Fighter’s “The Daily Takedown:” Jones Not Taking Henderson Seriously, Mayhem Spiraling Downward

Is UFC champ Jon Jones not taking challenger Dan Henderson (left) seriously enough? Photo credit: Esther Lin/Strikeforce

By Joshua Molina

Jon “Bones” Jones wants to be the first guy to knock out Dan Henderson. Jones, who called Henderson a “one-trick pony,” sounds more confident than usual in the pre-fight interview on the UFC website.

On paper, Jones is the clear favorite. He’s younger, faster, more agile and athletic. Even though he experienced a recent career resurgence – knocking out Fedor Emelianenko, Feijao and Renato Sobral – Henderson, will be 42 years old when he steps into the cage Sept. 1 against Jones.

Henderson may not have a lot of advantages stepping into the cage against Jones, but he does have one thing going for him:  A puncher’s chance. And over-confidence has upset many more-skilled fighters over the years. Jones should watch the first fight between Cung Le and Scott Smith to see what can happen.

Jones may have a new Nike contract, but one punch can change everything.

Jason "Mayhem" Miller (right) seems to be in some type of funk, or downward spiral, after engaging UFC President Dana White in a war of words on Twitter and, then, being arrested yesterday.

Mayhem Mystery: It should be good to see how Jason “Mayhem” Miller explains his way out of Monday’s arrest. Miller, coming off a weekend Twitter rant with the UFC’s Dana White, was arrested Monday on suspicion of burglary – and naked on a couch, in a church,  in Orange County, California, according to the Los Angeles Times.

According to the Times, broken pictures and books were thrown across the floor and someone had spray-painted the walls. When police asked him his name, Miller kept repeating, “mayhem, mayhem.”

None of the media outlets have reported whether drugs or alcohol were involved. Regardless, even though Miller was not under contract with the UFC at the time of his arrest, the incident is an untimely black eye for MMA and the UFC.

Must be nice: Apparently, when you are Anderson Silva, you can decide when you want to fight. Silva said he isn’t going to step inside the cage again in 2012. The middleweight champion defeated Chael Sonnen in July. Silva is undoubtedly a fighting badass, but what American fans love most is a fighter, not necessarily a winner. Silva fought once in 2012; twice in 2011, twice in 2010; and twice in 2009.

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