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Friday, Dec 28, 2012

Full Contact Fighter’s “The Daily Takedown:” Junior Dos Santos, Cain Velasquez Fight For Greatness, Survival

Junior dos Santos (photo via UFC.com)

By Joshua Molina

When people talk about the best UFC fighter in the world, they mention Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre and Jon Jones.

After Saturday night, a fourth guy could make that list.

Junior Dos Santos has an incredible opportunity at UFC 155 to define himself as Great, and stop Cain Velasuez, the one-time golden boy of the UFC, for good.

JDS already crushed Velasquez in 63 seconds a year ago. But he will need to do it again to convince the critics it wasn’t a fluke.

Velasquez, as we all know by now, walked into the cage with a bad knee injury, which might explain why he chose to stand and trade with JDS, instead of take him down.

Velasquez is a college wrestling srae who is most comfortable pounding fighters after he takes them down.

For Velasquez, it’s now or later — much later. He won’t get another title shot for a long time if he loses again.

At 30 years old, with a record of 10-2, Velasquez might find his career as a top fighter over before it ever really began.

His biggest victory came over Brock Lesnar, but as we know by now, beating Lesnar was not as hard at it looked.

The fight is big, even though neither Dos Santos or Velasquez is great on the microphone or at selling fights.

These are heavyweights. Seeing 240 pound men beat each other up has its own appeal.

And this fight, like the first one, won’t likely go the distance. If there’s ever been a race to score first, this is it.

Velasquez will shoot early to take down JDS; Dos Santos will look to KO Velasquez in the standup early.

It will be a race to get off first.

The UFC, from a maketing perspective, would like Velasquez to win. He’s a link to big Mexican-American fan base — which means huge dollars and ratings.

Velasquez can be a big mainstream star – if he can win.

JDS, of course, has other plans.

Whomever wins, however, won’t have an easy 2013 the winner is set to fight Alistair Overeem.

Overeem is a former K-1 kickboxing champion. A humongous monster striker, Overeem is the killer lurking in the closet for the lucky winner Saturday night.


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