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Thursday, Jan 10, 2013

Full Contact Fighter’s “The Daily Takedown:” Lopsided? If Jake Shields Could Beat Dan Henderson, Anything Can Happen At Saturday’s Final Strikeforce Event

Gegard Mousasi will see action on Strikeforce's final fight card on Saturday.

By Joshua Molina

Saturday night’s final Strikeforce card is full of seemingly lopsided matches.

The favorites are clear. But anyone who knows anything about sports knows that there’s a reason why you play the game.

With fighting in particular, anything is possible. Expect at least one upset Saturday night. Will it be Nate Marquardt who goes down? What about Daniel Cormier or Josh Barnett?

Or will Gegard Mousasi get upset after a year-long layoff?

Anything can happen, and with the crazy way Strikeforce landed in this position, staging its final show just two years after becoming one of the Big Two in MMA, it’s fair to expect the unexpected Saturday night.

Strikeforce has been home to some great, mind-blowing upsets.

No one expected Fabricio Werdum to tap out Fedor Emelianenko.

Mousasi was supposed to be more well-rounded thank King Mo (he was, except for stopping that pesky wrestling takedown).

Miesha Tate was expected to walk through Ronda Rousey, who talked her way into a title shot (Thank God she did).

Scott Smith KO’d Cung Le.

It’s still hard to believe the biggest upset of all: How in world did Jake Shields beat Dan Henderson?

Let’s hope that Dan Henderson’s last wish when he someday retires from MMA is to rematch against Shields, and let’s hope UFC President Dana White grants him that wish.

Shields that night proved that the best defense when you are getting the life beat out of you, is to grab your opponent’s leg and stick to him like glue.

Strikeforce essentially fed Shields to Henderson in hopes that Hendo would destroy Shields, who was headed to the UFC. The fight with Shields’ last contracted fight with Strikeforce.
It was the first for Henderson, who left UFC so he could “fight on CBS.”
UFC was supposed to get boring, tactical Shields. Strikeforce was supposed to get the legend Henderson, who was going to whip Shields, take his middleweight title, and kick him over to the UFC.

It didn’t work out that way. But it almost did.

Henderson pounded Shields with a right hand and sent Shields crashing to the mat. Shields’ head bounced off the mat, almost as if the impact woke him up.

Henderson was seconds away from KOing him, but Shields’ spinach kicked in, he grabbed  Henderson’s leg, and spent the next 4 rounds smothering a totally gassed Henderson for a unanimous victory.

Shields “performance” killed the crowd and TV audience.

Shields no doubt was thrilled that Strikeforce expected him to get killed, and he proved them wrong. (Making matters worse, a post-fight brawl and the poor ratings, KO’d Strikeforce from the network).

Henderson’s big moment was ruined by a younger fighter with superior Jiu-Jitsu skills. By all accounts, Henderson is a far better fighter than Shields, Henderson lost.

That’s right; the same guy who beat Fedor, lost to Jake Shields.

Let’s hope Henderson gets one more shot against Shields, if nothing else, but to right something very wrong in the universe.

Sometimes upsets happen. Will it happen Saturday night? Who knows.

But if Jake Shields can beat Dan Henderson, anything is possible.

posted by JoshuaM @ 9:00 pm
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