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Friday, Jun 07, 2013

Full Contact Fighter’s “The Daily Takedown”: “Rampage” Jackson Debuts With A Splash In TNA

"Rampage" Jackson (photo via Bellator)

By Joshua Molina

It didn’t take long for TNA to throw “Rampage” Jackson into the thick of it.

Annnounced as an “MMA champion,” Rampage entered the squared circle on TV Thursday and hit an all-star homerun in a clever, well-produced storyline with Kurt Angle.

Jackson, showing all the charisma of a big-time pro wrestler, came to the ring to loud cheers and let everyone know that he started out as a wrestling fan.

TNA has something special with Jackson. While UFC President Dana White joked that Jackson can go fight where outcomes are predetermined, the reality is that wrestling fans don’t care about wins and losses.

Wrestling fans care about good performers and Jackson appears to be that. Putting him in the ring with Angle will help him be a bigger star. Angle is one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time.

A former Olympic Gold Medalist in wrestling, Angle came to the ring in a shirt that said “Save Wrestling 2020.” He confronted Jackson and said, “you might be the best in the cage, but now you are stepping into my ring!”

Angle finished his promo by blurting, “And that’s real. That’s damn real.”

Those two will have an excellent match one day because Angle can have a great pro wrestling match with a broomstick.

Unlike a lot of  athletes who have failed in their attempts at pro wrestling, Rampage has major charisma that comes through the camera.

If TNA and Bellator can work together and not rush him, like they did with “King Mo” Lawal, the two organizations could make a lot off money off Jackson.

If done right, Jackson could be a game-changer for both TNA and Bellator.


posted by JoshuaM @ 5:53 pm
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