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Tuesday, Jan 29, 2013

Full Contact Fighter’s “The Daily Takedown:” Randy Couture’s Move to Bellator An Act of Disloyalty?

Randy Couture

By Joshua Molina

There are some things you absolutely don’t want to do in MMA:  Be on the other end of a Ronda Rousey armbar; watch a Jake Shields fight (unless you need something to help you fall asleep); Wear Tim Kennedy short-shorts into the cage.

But the most important rule of all is never betray Dana White.  Right about now, White is probably feeling pretty betrayed by Randy Couture.

Couture has signed a deal to coach on Bellator’s inaugural reality TV show on Spike, according to media reports.  Couture is one of the guys responsible for the UFC’s big boom last decade. He’s a legend and industry icon.

Couture and White have had plenty of ups and downs over the years, but Couture better hope that Bellator has a place for him for a long time.  White probably won’t take kindly to a star he helped create jumping ship to the competition.

Couture’s move is big for other reasons. When a big-named guy like that jumps, it gives others incentive to follow.

Bellator is sitting on a goldmine of money thanks to Viacom.

If the company lures other stars, it may create the impression in the United States that there is more to MMA than just the UFC.

UFC doesn’t need Couture, but his move plants the idea in other fighters’ and announcers’ heads that there could be life post-UFC.

posted by JoshuaM @ 9:00 pm
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