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Thursday, Jun 27, 2013

Full Contact Fighter’s “The Daily Takedown”: Ronda Rousey, Tim Kennedy Speak Their Minds

Emelianenko hitting Monson

By Joshua Molina

Ronda Rousey’s fight idol is Fedor Emelianenko — take that Dana White.

Rousey is the UFC’s biggest American star and in a recent media report praised Fedor’s sambo style.

White, of course, has spent the last few years foolishly blasting the great Fedor largely because he was never able to sign the Russian to a UFC contract.

White, of course, hopped on the Rousey bandwagon after criticizing the legitimacy of women’s MMA. Once Rousey took off as a mainstream star in Strikeforce, White lured Rousey to the UFC and annointed her world champion — and he’s been cashing in ever since.

One day White will probably sing the praises of Fedor too, but for now he continues to take jabs at him.

White’s berating of Fedor is kind of like the president of the MLB saying Hank Aaron couldn’t hit.

. . . U.S. Army MMA fighter Tim Kennedy caused a stir with his comments that he would get paid more picking up trash than fighting in the UFC.

Like it or not, unless Kennedy’s going to organize a fighter’s union, he may have sealed his UFC fate with those comments.

Fighters who blast the UFC don’t hang around very long after they lose fights, particularly mid-carders such as Kennedy.

Kennedy, however, is a fearless man who won’t lose any sleep worrying about what White thinks. He’s probably speaking for a lot of fighters who feel the same way behind closed doors.


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