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Monday, Aug 26, 2013

Full Contact Fighter’s “The Daily Takedown”: The Top 10 Reasons Eddie Alvarez Made The Right Call Sticking With Bellator


By Joshua Molina

So whether he likes it or not Eddie Alvarez is coming home.

Alvarez of course had eyes for the UFC, but Bellator wasn’t ready to give him up yet. That’s good for him, even if he doesn’t know it. The details of Bellator’s and Alvarez’s settlement is secret, but it doesn’t really matter. Alvarez will be back inside the Bellator cage soon, and that’s a good thing.

Eddie Alvarez is Bellator. Bellator is Eddie Alvarez. Here’s why he’s lucky he stayed away from the UFC.

10. If Alvarez blows it against Michael Chandler he won’t have to hear Joe Rogan blaming it on “nerves from fighting for the first time in the Octagon.”

9. Alvarez won’t have to worry about getting cut by Bellator if he loses two straight fights, or in the case of Jon Fitch, one fight.

8. Alvarez won’t have to endure losing a close, five-round split decision to Benson Henderson on UFC on FOX.

7. Alvarez won’t have to listen to UFC President Dana White accusing him of “not being a fighter,” like Uriah Hall, if he fights a safe fight.

6. If the Bellator/TNA deal works out, Alvarez might one day be able wrestle Jeff Hardy for the TNA championship.

5. Alvarez can enjoy his next post-fight interview without the awkwardness of Rogan’s Uncle Fester-Grin and ape-like arm slung over his shoulder.

4. Alvarez will probably earn more money in a year than your average trash-hauler (thank you Tim Kennedy).

3. Alvarez won’t have to stress about his next fight getting booked as a result of angry Twitter rant from some hot-head. In Bellator the matchmakers make the fights, not hustlers on social media.

2. Alvarez will never have to fight for free on Facebook.

1. Alvarez can show the world that the fighters make the brand and that the brand doesn’t make the fighters. Some of the best fighters in the world fight for UFC, but they also fight for Bellator, and Alvarez is one of them.


posted by JoshuaM @ 4:27 pm
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