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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Full Contact Fighter’s “The Daily Takedown”: UFC 160 — What Could Have Been

Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva

By Joshua Molina

UFC 151 is the pay-per-view that never happened, but should have. UFC 160 is the pay-per-view that happened, but shouldn’t have.

Somehow, UFC President Dana White convinced us that the two big main events were not mismatches and that Mark Hunt and “Bigfoot” Silva actually were viable opponents for Junior dos Santos and Cain Velasquez.

When did White turn into Don King? Or Vince McMahon?

White probably did the best he could considering Silva’s KO of Overeem ruined plans for the heavyweight division.

Then, Overeem pulled out of the JDS fight with an injury, opening the door for an outmatched Mark Hunt.

The truth is not even the WWE would put on such a weak top card for a pay-per-view main event. They at least would have forced Cain and JDS to team up against “Bigfoot” and Hunt in a falls-count-anywhere match.

There would be friction between Junior and Cain throughout the match, which of course would end when JDS refused to help Velasquez when he was getting double-teamed.

Just as “Bigfoot” was about to lay the big right hand across Cain’s face (because as we all know now, if “Bigfoot” hits Cain, he will go down), JDS does a run-in and KOs “Bigfoot” and Hunt with two spinning back kicks (wait, this scenario isn’t that crazy, afterall).

Then, JDS lifts Cain’s hand, hugs him, steps back, and as the crowd believes Cain and JDS have bonded for the sake of good sportsmanship, he delivers a stunning right hand KO’ing Velasquez.

JDS, wrapped in his Brazilian flag, then grabs the microphone and screams “The title comes home in December,” and walks back to the dressing room.

If only.

Instead, we have “Bigfoot” complaining about an early stoppage (note to fighters, don’t curl up into a pill bug after getting crushed with a right hand, refuse to fight back, and then complain about getting hit in the back of the head and that the referee stopped it early).

How ’bout this “Bigfoot”? At the inevitable Velasquez vs. Bigfoot 3 (you know after “Bigfoot” defeats Mark Hunt and Stefan Struve to “earn” another title shot), after Cain smacks you to the mat, let’s tell Cain to roll you over on your back and then he can gently slide forward into your triangle-choke, so you can show the world what would have happened had the ref not stopped the fight.

Does that work, “Bigfoot”?

Hunt tried, but he belongs in the ring with Roy Nelson, not Junior Dos Santos. The two could battle in a “Chin-of-Granite”, last-man standing match on FOX.

Junior looked great in the fight but he would never do that to Velasquez. If Cain ever got rattled he would just take JDS down. Hunt couldn’t do that.

The real star of UFC 160? Mike Tyson, who proved that once you are the baddest man on the planet, you are always the baddest man on the planet.

In a stand-up-only boxing match Tyson would have turned Velasquez and JDS into Marvis Frazier, and the UFC fighters know it. He’s a great guy to have around, and a perfect ambassador for MMA, at a time when the UFC needs stars who can talk AND fight (sorry Chael Sonnen, you can only do one of those these days).

posted by FCF Staff @ 1:38 pm
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