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Friday, May 31, 2013

Full Contact Fighter’s “The Daily Takedown”: UFC Leading The MMA Wars


By Joshua Molina

The UFC is launching an international network for its programming, in a move that shows the UFC believes in itself as a long-term international player.

It’s also another blow to Bellator, an organization with deep pockets, but shallow awareness in the mainstream world.

The UFC has figured out what the WWE knew a long time ago – that the overseas markets have the biggest opportunities for growth.

The UFC’s main competition these days isn’t other MMA companies —it’s really just themselves, and how long officials can maintain the public’s interest.

One thing that could cement the UFC has a legitimate long term mainstay would be if the company could sign a big fight between Anderson Silva and Jon Jones.

Boxing had Ali vs. Foreman. Wrestling had Hogan vs. Andre. Tennis has McEnroe vs Connors.

Silva vs. Jones would create a mainstream buzz that would put the UFC in the mainstream consciousness. And if Jones wins, he will have more than just Nike as a big-time sponsor.

Eventually the UFC will get legalized in New York, which will further elevate the company.

Like it or not, in the world of business, killing the competition works. Bellator is on Viacom, but the company has virtually no mainstream presence.

Unless Bellator can figure out a way to steal top talent and familiar faces, the UFC will continue to blow Bellator away.

If it were a fight, the UFC would be Cain Velasquez and Bellator would be “Bigfoot” Silva just hoping to land a big punch.

For now, the UFC is dominating MMA and unless Bellator can steal top talent from the UFC, or create its own star, the UFC will be unstoppable.


posted by FCF Staff @ 10:04 pm
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