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Friday, Aug 28, 2020

Georges St-Pierre Believes Khabib Nurmagomedov Fight Unlikely

Georges St-Pierre (photo via UFC)

By FCF Staff

Although Khabib Nurmagomedov has resumed his calls for a fight with Georges St-Pierre, and UFC President Dana White sounds more open to the match-up. Bur, GSP isn’t betting on the super fight happening.

For some time, both Nurmagomedov and St-Pierre expressed an interest in fighting. But, since GSP didn’t plan to fight long term, White wasn’t on board with the idea. Eventually, St-Pierre retired.

More recently, however, Nurmagomedov has said he wants to fight St-Pierre after he battles Justin Gaethje in October. White has said that the promotion will try to make the bout happen if the lightweight champ Nurmagomedov is set on the match-up.

But, while talking to BT Sport recently, St-Pierre made it clear he’s skeptical that the fight will happen (quotes via MMA Junkie).

“It takes three people to make a fight: One opponent, another opponent, and it takes the organization, and I don’t know if the organization would want that,” St-Pierre said. “I ran away with the welterweight (title), I ran away with the middleweight (title) and they surely don’t want me to run with the lightweight belt. And I don’t think I can, I’m 39 years old, I don’t think I could go to 155 (pounds) without my performance being compromised.”

“Khabib is fighting at 155 and he’s heavier than me,” St-Pierre said. “He’s younger than me, so he can fluctuate his weight better and I’ve never been a fan of cutting weight. I pretty much have just stayed like, I lose weight but I don’t lose too much weight compared to the rest of the guys. I always thought about the long term and I’m afraid of the long-term consequences.

“Physically, I’m always very fit so I don’t have a lot of water retention or fat when I’m at my natural walking around weight. It’s different for everybody but I think Khabib walks around at a heavier weight than me. He’s like over 185 when he’s off season, he’s close to 200 and I’ve never been 200 pounds in my life.”

St-Pierre (26-2) vacated the middleweight title he won from Michael Bisping in 2017, after being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. He announced his retirement in February, 2019.

posted by FCF Staff @ 7:41 pm
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