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Sunday, Nov 18, 2001

Gladiator Challenge #8at Saboba Casino (results)

From the event’s promoter:


  • (165lbs) Louie Vaith def. Jermine Watts 1:17 in 2nd round (toe hold sub)
  • (135lbs) Shawn Ramage def. Matt Barraza by decision.
  • (175lbs) Lucas Pace def. Doug Grande 2:42 in 1st round (triangle Choke)
  • (185lbs) Thomas Kenny def. Jesus Morales by decision
  • (205lbs) Dennis Henderson vs Dave Taylor declared no contest
  • (HWT) Jimmy Ambriz def. Javier by TKO ref stoppage
  • (HWT) Mike Bourke def. Eric kleper 4:33 in 1st round (tapout due to

  • (165lbs) Cipi Gamino def. Sost Infante 2:24 2nd round (ref stoppage, due
    to stikes)

  • (205lbs) Art Santore def. Erik Meaders by decision
  • (155lbs) Dave Hisquerdo def. Joe Camacho 3:38 1st round (rear naked

  • (205lbs) Charlie West def. Jerry Jenkins (could not answer bell 2nd

  • (HWT) Mark Smith def. Joe Taunanuu :59 1st round (neck crank)
  • (165lbs) Randy Velarde def. Cory Cass :18 1st round (verbal tapout)
  • (155lbs) Dale Breese def. Sly Robles 2:07 1st round (TKO ref stop)
  • (205lbs) John Jenson def. Greg Bell 3:19 1st round (TKO ref stop)
  • (Light wt Title) Juliano Prado def. Boa Quach 3:01 3rd round (choke)
  • (HWT Title) Jason Lambert def. Kauai Kupihea 2:03 2nd round (kimura)

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Hamlett "King" of
HOOKnSHOOT Sunday Matinee

by Joe Hall
Ian Freeman

In a mere 11 seconds, the vacant HNS Featherweight Title was filled by Anthony Hamlett of Seattle, Washington Sunday afternoon. After planting Jeff Curran into the mat with a slam, Hamlett fired a series of elbow smashes that rendered his opponent unconscious.

Scott Henze thwarted the submission attempts of Angelo Popofski in the main event and final match of the two day fight card, closing the bout in the second round with a flurry of punches that forced the referree to call a halt to the action.

The fight of the afternoon was undoubtedly Ivan Salaverry’s decision victory over Jason Rigsby. Salaverry, of AMC Pankration, consistently held the upper hand in a number of toe-to-toe exchanges that took place during the 10 minute battle.

Takumi Nakayama won the Fighter of the Weekend Award after his relentess performance Saturday night in a win over Henry Matamoros.

HOOKnSHOOT KINGS – Day 2 Results

Mike Delaney and Don Richard Drew (10:00)
Yohei Suzuki def. Victor Estrada by Ref Stoppage in Rd 2
Eric Schafer and Jim DeSouza Drew (10:00)
Ivan Salaverry def. Jason Rigsby by Unanimous Decision (10:00)

HNS Featherweight Title
Anthony Hamlett def. Jeff Curran by KO in Rd 1

Main Event
Scott Henze def. Angelo Popofski by Ref Stoppage in Rd 2

From the event’s promoter:

Gold Country Casino, Orville, CA – 11-9-01

Pat Minihan def. James Ringler – KO 0:03 R1
Tim Kennedy def. Jody Burke – Front forearm choke 1:44 R1
Ray Benavides def. Derik Tessier – Rear choke R1
Tim Mc Kenzie def. Dax Bruce – TKO Strikes, mount R1
Randy Spence def. Ben Melendez – Armbar 0:49 R1
Mike Quaintance def. Shaun Beckett – Leg tri-choke 1:45 R1
Judy Neff def. K C Nolan – KO 2:16 R1
Sean Gray def. Tony Oberding – TKO Strikes 4:49 R1
Anthony Hamlet def. David Gigi – TKO Strikes 3:10 R3
Jake Gibson def. Carlos Garcia – TKO Strikes 2:21 R1
Benji Radach def. Willy Solorio – TKO Strikes 1:23 R1
Gary Marshall def. Brad Gabriel – TKO Strikes 1:31 R1
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