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Saturday, Dec 09, 2000

Gladiator Challenge Results

Gladiator Challenge Results
Compiled by Josh Gross

Gladiator Challenge
Dec. 9th, 2000 San Jacinto, Calif.

Main Event Fights:

  • Mark Smith def. Danny Tresierras by verbal tapout from strikes at 2:40 of round one
  • Eric Pele def. Ernest Henderson by verbal tapout at 1:40 of round one
  • Todd Lally def. Tony Champagne by TKO at 1:45 of round one

Under card Fights:

  • Tony Desouza def. Kenneth Tenario by knee submission at 0:23 of round one
  • Quentin Jackson def. Charlie West by decision
  • Jeremy Williams def. Chris Champagne by triangle choke at 1:55 of round one
  • Joe Camacho def. Al Garza by arm-bar at 3:00 of round two
  • Phillip Miller def. Kurt Rojo by decision
  • Buck Greer def. Matt Anderson by referee stoppage at 3:40 of round one
  • Dave Taylor def. Jimmy Zamura by punches from the mount at 3:33 of round one
  • Tim Conrad def. Tony Huecias by arm-bar at 1:41 of round one
  • Doug Grande def. Pele Temprasuet by decision
  • Shawn Ramage drew Ricky Cortez
  • Alexander Sacchi def. Randy Velarde by triangle choke at 1:42 of round two

BAMA Fight Night XII:
Massaro Wins Championship Belt;
Fan Comes Out Of Crowd To Fight

Renzo Gracie Team standout Carl Massaro [see the November 2000 issue of FCF for a profile of Carl] won the 8-man 205 lb.-&-under MMA Tourney and the championship belt sponsored by Full Contact Fighter. The quarterfinals of this tournament were held on September 16th. The semi-final and final were scheduled for this night. Carl Massaro Vs. Eddy Rolon The semifinal round went quickly. Massaro beat Eddy Rolon with a triangle choke in 2 minutes. Pierre Guillet also looked impressive as he quickly beat David Womack with an arm-bar. Womack was in as a replacement for an injured Bill Scott. Massaro and Guillet took a rest during the remainder of the fights and returned for action in the final match of the evening. It was action from start to finish…Massaro shot in to take Guillet down, but Guillet sprawled and punched his way out of Massaro’s guard. Guillet stood up and punished Massaro’s legs with thai kicks, keeping Massaro on the defensive and preventing him from getting to his feet. Eventually Massaro got him back in guard and tried to work an arm-bar, but Guillet punched his way out. At about 4:30 into the fight, a scramble from a clinch left Massaro on top and Guillet apparently looking for a leg lock. Massaro freed his leg and sunk in a head and arm choke, and Guillet tapped at 4:57.

As great as the MMA tourney was, the exciting night of fights was highlighted by a unique last minute match-up.
Mike Winkler Vs. Daniel Lima Mike Winkler was originally slated to fight an MMA match against WEF veteran Colin O’Rourke. But unfortunately, Colin took ill and was unable to fight. Winkler was disappointed, but stuck around to cheer on his Fight Factory teammates. Daniel Lima, a 19-year-old Brazilian in the U.S. to visit his instructor Edson Carvalho was on hand to see Eddy Rolon, one of his instructor’s other students fight. About halfway through the night Lima approached promoter "Big" Dan Miragliotta and asked if he would be able to find a fight for him. Big Dan got on the microphone and asked if anyone was interested in fighting the 135-pounder (that 135 pounds includes clothes, shoes, etc.). Winkler (who has about 30 pounds on Lima) popped up and said he was willing. Lima was asked if he would fight against someone that much heavier and he said yes. When the two entered the ring, it was quite apparent that Winkler had a definite height and weight advantage. Someone must not have told Lima about the size difference, because he rushed right in looking to take the fight to Winkler. The game Brazilian led off with a kick followed by a couple of wild swings. He then took the bigger man to the mat, but Winkler held on, got back up and returned with a few knees to the midsection and punches to the face. He then slammed the Brazilian to the mat and began to pound on him for the next 6 or 7 minutes as Lima worked his guard from the bottom. Winkler eventually backed out of Lima’s guard and the fighters returned to their feet. As they came back together, they traded blows on their feet and Lima took Winkler to the mat. Lima laid in a few shots from there until he was reversed. The fighters once again went to their feet and this time it was Lima who began to pummel Winkler, opening up cuts on his face. The crowd went crazy. Lima took Winkler to the mat again got on top and pounded away at him until the end of regulation time. The fighters returned to their corners for a short rest period before the overtime round was to begin. But that round would never happen, as Winkler decided that he’d had enough and Lima was declared the winner.

Video tapes of this and other BAMA Fight Nights are available by calling (908)352-0622. Coverage of the event, including an interview with Lima, will be in the upcoming issue of Full Contact Fighter.

BAMA Fight Night XII
December 9th, 2000
South Plainfield Middle School
2201 Plainfield Ave.       South Plainfield, NJ

Eric Weinstein def. Angel Llanas – 3:00 knee-bar
Anderson DeCastro def. Henry 3:42 ankle lock

Joe Van Brackle def. Eric Colon – 2:00 Americana arm lock
Corry Forer def. John McCafferty – Decision after OT
Tom Larrison def. George Castronova – 3:54 head and arm choke
Brian Bulger def. Damian O’Hara – Decision after OT
Eric Ruiz def. Mike Fusco – 6:04 arm-bar
Chris Jaeger def. Roland Fabre – 4:00 heel hook
Bryan Klass def. Harry Dales – 4:11 TKO
Jay Bartholomew def. Chris Rumolo – 4:39 Guillotine choke
Jeff Roesch def. Ivan Morales – 7:47 Arm lock
Steven Haigh def. Serge Vinagre – 2:16 Achilles’ lock

Edson Carvalho and Daniel Lima
MMA Single Fights
Andrew Stager def. Justin kovacs – 3:52 ref stoppage (cut over eye)
Daniel Lima def. Mike Winkler – Winkler did not return for OT

8-man 205 lb.-&-under MMA Tourney Semifinals
Carl Massaro def. Eddy Rolon – 2:00 triangle choke
Pierre Guillet def. David Womack – 1:47 arm-bar

8-man 205 lb.-&-under MMA Tourney Finals
Carl Massaro def. Pierre Guillet – 4:57 head and arm choke

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