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Thursday, Sep 18, 2014

GLORY’s Wayne Barrett Talks Artem Levin, Loss to Joe Schilling and Training With the Blackzilians

Wayne Barrett (photo via GLORY)

By Kelsey Mowatt

Although it remains to be seen who Wayne Barrett will face next for GLORY, the rising kickboxer continues to view his next fight as another step on a path to middleweight champ, Artem Levin.

On a recent episode of Full Contact Fighter Radio, Barrett reported that he will be fighting on GLORY’s next card, which is expected to take place sometime next month. The New York fighter, who is coming off a memorable, split decision loss to fellow contender Joe Schilling in June, wouldn’t confirm his opponent.

“Oh man, absolutely,” said Barrett (5-1), when asked if he believes a win in October could lead to a bout with Levin at some point in early 2015. “I’m working hard to put on a great show to show people that, you know, Wayne Barrett versus Artem Levin is going to be a fight that a lot of people want to see.”

Levin currently carries an awe inspiring kickboxing record of 84-6-1, and the Russian fighter secured GLORY’s middleweight title in June, by handing Schilling a unanimous decision loss.

“Artem is super technical,” Barrett noted about the 27 year-old champion. “I’m technical as well, and it’s just the styles….you come at us both, too aggressive, and we’re going to open some holes. That’s what he does. Guys train, they want to kick harder, they want to get in the weight room, and he embarrases them. It’s the same thing with me. The harder you come at me the easier you make the fight for me.”

Wayne Barrett (photo credit: Ed Diller / GLORY)

Of course, the middleweight needs to get back on track after losing to Schilling, which followed Barrett’s KO win over Bogdan Stoica that same night. Schilling and Barrett now hold a win over the other, as the latter won their first encounter by UD last year.

“I reflect on it as it was a fight that I personally needed, wanted; kind of that fight where people would say, when Jon Jones would say, when he fought Alexander Gustafsson, you want to test your warrior spirit,” said Barrett, when asked to reflect on the loss to Schilling. “You want to know who you are.”

“I know who I am, but sometimes when you hear the media, people doubting you because of records, as strong as you are, I’m very honest, I’ll always be honest with people,” furthered Barrett. “I am a strong minded person, but sometimes you listen and you hear things, when you’re like, ‘well, what if they’re right’? It’s the kind of fight that made me say that, alright, cool, what I thought was right, I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing…It helped me. That will be a fight that I look back on and say I’m thankful that I took the fight and it went the way it went.”

And how is Barrett’s camp going? In advance of his next bout?

“I’m actually not in New York, I’m actually in Florida with the Blackzilians right now,” the 28 year-old middleweight relayed. “Getting ready for this next fight. They’ve got a bunch of tough guys, big guys, obviously a lot of professionals down here. So I’m down here, working on some things, getting stronger, and getting more elusive to avoid all of that power that I’ve been talking about. So it’s going really well.”

To read more from Barrett and his thoughts on GLORY’s future head here.

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