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Thursday, Jun 26, 2014

GLORY’s Wayne Barrett Weighs in on Loss to Joe Schilling, Believes “I Would Give Artem Levin a Much Better Fight”

Joe Schilling (left) and Wayne Barrett trade punches

By Kelsey Mowatt

There was no shortage of compelling story lines that emerged from GLORY’s middleweight tourney at “Last Man Standing”, including Artem Levin’s championship winning night, Joe Schilling’s KO of Simon Marcus, and Wayne Barrett’s first pro defeat.

After knocking out Bodgan Stoica in the tourney’s quarterfinals, Barrett’s quest for the title was ended by the aforementioned Schilling, who was awarded a split decision win over his fellow American. For Barrett and his supporters, the night might be forever recalled with a ‘what if’.

“I can’t dwell on it. If the judges saw it one way, they saw it one way. I didn’t do my job because I didn’t knock him out,” Barrett said on Full Contact Fighter Radio recently, while discussing the tightly contested bout with Schilling. “I have to just take it like that. If I say I’m not disappointed, of course I’m disappointed. In my young career I wanted to stay undefeated.”

“Do I feel like Joe won? I don’t know. Maybe he won because I didn’t do what I had to do, but he never once hurt me…In the first round he did not want to engage,” argued Barrett. “In the third round he tried to make a little rally towards the end of the third round, the second round I thought I won hands down. I mean, every fighter has their own mental analysis of the fight, and then there’s the reality of the fight. The reality is that I didn’t knock him out and I paid for it by getting my first controversial loss, but nonetheless it’s a loss and it’s something that definitely disappoints me.”

“Last Man Standing” went down at the Forum in Inglewood, California, which is not far from Schilling’s base camp in Los Angeles.

“You know of course; someone told me afterwards that there’s three parts to it: there’s the politics, the entertainment, and then there’s you know, you have to have the ability to fight,” said Barrett, when asked if he believes Schilling may have benefitted from a hometown setting. “I covered the ability to fight, but I don’t have control of the politics of it all, being in California, and that he’s been promoted so heavily for it you know.”

Wayne Barrett (right) landing a shot on Joe Schilling (photo via GLORY)

While Barrett may not agree with how the judges scored Saturday’s fight, there’s no questioning the fact that Schilling was one of the night’s stars. After all, the veteran fighter became the first man to defeat the top ranked Marcus in pro action, and he went on to battle Levin for three rounds.

“Joe’s a tough guy man,” Barrett said about Schilling, who he decisioned last November. “Rivalry or not, I’ll say one thing, he’s a tough S.O.B. man. He’s in there to fight, he’s in there to scrap, and you have to be smart against a guy like that, or else you’ll find yourself flat on your back.”

Since Schilling holds a previous win over Levin, there’s talk that the promotion may look to book a rubber match between the two. Schilling is currently ranked #2 in GLORY’s middleweight division, while Barrett is positioned at #3.

“Artem came to fight man. He did exactly what he had to do,” said Barrett, when asked to assess Levin’s championship winning performance, which also included wins over Alex Pereira and Flip Verlinden. “With all things said, I think I would give Artem a much better fight. Artem’s a guy who you’ve got to be intelligent…I don’t think necessarily Joe really did anything against Artem this time. Artem controlled the fight the whole way. He controlled the fight from round one to three.”


posted by FCF Staff @ 8:00 am
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