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Wednesday, Jun 11, 2014

GLORY 17: Jarrell Miller Promises to “Whup” Mirko “Cro Cop’s” “Ass”, Tells Fighter’s Manager to Stay “Behind his Desk”

Jarrell Miller (photo via RING Bio/Youtube)

By Kelsey Mowatt

Thanks to a boxing career that has seen Jarrell Miller go undefeated in ten fights, the heavyweight didn’t have any immediate plans to return to kickboxing. But, when GLORY came calling to see if he’d be interested in rematching the only man who has defeated him to date, it was an opportunity he couldn’t turn down.

After Sergei Kharitonov was forced to withdraw from a June 21st bout with Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic, GLORY contacted the 25 year-old fighter to see if he’d face the renowned striker.

“I mean money talks, bulls–t walks, you know what I mean?” Miller relayed on a recent episode of Full Contact Fighter Radio. “I’ve been offered numerous fights deals to fight in other organizations…the whole focus of the thing had to be right, you offer me the right bait, it’s Cro Cop, okay cool. I’ll whup his ass; how much?”

“Realistically, GLORY has all the right tools to buy me in. They had everything at the right moment to say, ‘you know what J this is it,’ it was now or never, and as a fighter you can’t just watch someone hold up a lot of money,” furthered Miller, who will face Cro Cop live on SPIKE at GLORY 17. “We’re all prize fighters and we do want a prize for the fight at the end of the day. GLORY just had everything; it was the total package.”

Although like many other fighters, Miller believes GLORY has been a driving force behind the resurgence of kickboxing, it remains to be seen if he’ll return to the organization.

“Will I be coming back? I highly doubt it as of right now, but you never know,” said Miller, who is coming off a second round, stoppage win over boxer Joshua Harris in May. “I can’t say never, but as of right now, I’m just so focused on boxing, that Cro Cop is the only reason that I’m taking a short, not a shortcut, a speed bump. I just have to jackhammer this speed bump out of the way before I return to boxing.”

Jarrell Miller (photo via GLORY)


Miller and Cro Cop fought under the K-1 banner last March in the latter’s native Croatia, and Filipovic emerged with the unanimous decision win. According to Miller, however, his first and only pro loss, shouldn’t have happened.

“He just knew how to headbutt, and hold on to me, and get a win in his country…” said Miller. “But I’m just going to whup his ass. Plain and simple. I already know that GLORY is looking for these headbutts, ‘we got to watch out for this’, but I’m telling them, listen, I’m going to give 100 percent, all of me, I’m going to come out ready to kill, but be fair. That’s all I’m saying. The organization, be fair. That’s all I want. I want my fair chance and I’m going to whup his ass.”

In addition to questioning the scoring of their first encounter, Miller has taken aim at the 39 year-old Cro Cop’s age in some of his pre-fight comments. The statements have drawn the ire of Cro Cop’s manager Orsat Zovko, who recently called the heavyweight a “wuss”, and argued the judges made the right call last March.

“That dude is an opportunist, so he needs to stick to what he do, and that’s hide behind a desk, and keep pushing his papers and pens” said Miller, who despite the fact he referred to Cro Cop as an “old fart” on FCF Radio, and said he’ll leave the fighter in a “wheelchair”, acknowledged he’s a legend in the sport. “Leave the fighting to the fighters, and the sh– talking to us, because he’s never stepped a day in the ring.”

GLORY 17 will be hosted by the Forum in Inglewood, California, and the pay-per-view portion of the card will feature Daniel Ghita versus Rico Verhoeven for the heavyweight championship.



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