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Thursday, Jun 04, 2015

GLORY 22: For Now, Vincent Jauncey is “Pretty Calm”, as Son Josh Prepares For Biggest Night of His Career

Josh Jauncey (left) (photo via GLORY)

By Kelsey Mowatt

Vincent Jauncey’s son Josh has a massive opportunity ahead of him at GLORY 22 on Friday, but the coach and retired kickboxer says his emotions are in check…at least for now.

Josh Jauncey has been booked to compete in GLORY’s latest, lightweight contender tournament, which will determine who will challenge lightweight champ Robin Van Roosmalen next. Not only that, but the event will be broadcast across North America on SPIKE.

Recently Vincent Jauncey appeared on Full Contact Fighter Radio, and when asked how he’s dealing with the situation as Friday’s card approaches, he stated:

“You know what? I’m pretty calm about all this,” said Jauncey, who is the head instructor at World Kickboxing in Surrey, British Columbia, and was a decorated fighter himself. “I’m usually pretty calm anyway. I just take it all in my stride. I’m more not looking forward to the flight, than I am thinking about what’s going ahead.”

“Once I get there, it’s usually not until the actual day that I start to get the excitement, but before that, I’m pretty calm,” added Jauncey, after referring to the trip overseas to Lille, France. “Same as when I fought. I was pretty calm then.”

Josh Jauncey was tapped for the tournament, following his stoppage win over Max Baumert in February, which was the lightweight’s third consecutive win with GLORY. While the the 22 year-old has continued to impress since he arrived in GLORY, Vincent Jauncey admits he was caught off guard somewhat by the tourney invite.

“Yeah, I was surprised that they put him up so quickly, I thought they might go a little bit slower, but they did tell us after he beat Max Baumert that they wanted him in the next one, and that it would be a lightweight tournament,” said Jauncey. “So we did know that it was going to happen. It wasn’t out of the blue.”

In the tourney’s opening round, Jauncey (22-4) will take on Crice Boussoukou (35-6), who was brought in after Niclas Larsen withdrew due to a serious bacterial infection. In the other bracket, former GLORY champ Davit Kiria will take on decorated Muay Thai competitor, Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong.

“Well, he’s more of a Muay Thai fighter. I think he’s fought a few kickboxing fights. I’m not certain,” said Jauncey, when asked for his assessment of Boussoukou. “He definitely likes his knees, likes elbows when he’s fighting Muay Thai. He’s a little bit wild. He’s very tall. So he’s going to have to watch out. I think Josh probably has the edge on the technical side of him, and it’s going to be an interesting fight you know? But I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t go past the first round.”

And who does Jauncey believe will be standing across from his son in the tourney final?

“It’s a hard one that. I think Kiria maybe because it’s more kickboxing rules,” said Jauncey. “Well, it is kickboxing rules, clinch is limited…he could catch him. You never know. Either one of them could get that one.”

GLORY 22 will be hosted by the Stade Pierre-Mauroy.

posted by FCF Staff @ 8:00 am
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