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Wednesday, Jul 26, 2000

Good Luck Mike!

Good luck Mike!
Full Contact Fighter’s Mike Onzuka
to Compete in the 2000 World BJJ Championships

By Chris Onzuka

Chris and Mike Onzuka
Relson Gracie’s Hawaii Team has left to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to compete in the World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships, which is also called the Campeonato Mundial de Jiu-Jitsu. The tournament will be held on July 27-30 in the Tijuca Tennis Club.

The Relson Gracie team members that are going to Brazil include:
Michael Onzuka, brown belt
Kaleo Hosaka, purple belt
Shane Agena, purple belt
Steve Hordinski, blue belt
Zac Pang, blue belt

This will be Mike’s second trip to Brazil and second time competing in the Mundial. We both competed in the Mundial in 1997 as purple belts. This is the first trip to the BJJ motherland for the others. Mike Onzuka To get a feel for the plane trip from Hawaii to Brazil, in ’97, we spent 19 hours in the air. This did not count our stopover time. Whew! What a trip! But I would do it again at the drop of a hat. The four above (with the exception of Steve) will be leaving Brazil on August 3rd. Each guy shelled out a lot of cash to pay their own way to compete without much sponsorship, if any. We wish them the best of luck and say a prayer that everyone has a strong showing and comes back the same way they left!

If possible, Mike will try to email some photos and info about the Mundial back to be posted on the Full Contact Fighter Website. But the phone system in Brazil leaves A LOT to be desired, so keep your fingers crossed.

Mark Coleman

Tomorrow Night On
Full Contact Fighter TV…

Special guest host Mark Coleman


  • Who’s next for Coleman
  • Coleman celebrates at Pride
  • Kevin Randleman/Pedro Rizzo(UFC 26) analysis
  • Brandon Lee Hinkle/Yoshihisa Yamamoto (WEF 9) analysis
  • Mark Coleman and his family
  • Tito Ortiz Feature from Huntington Beach


FCF TV is broadcast on the Sunshine Network (available on DirecTV channel 632 as part of some of their programming packages) at 11 PM every Friday night.

Out partying Friday night and missed the early play? No problem, there is usually a replay. Check showtimes in your area at their website www.sunshinenetwork.com

On Saturday night, FCF TV can also be seen on AmericaOne network at 8 PM. AmericaOne also offers live Webcasts of their programming on their website. Check showtimes in your area by going to www.americaone.com.

From the event’s promoter:

The fight card is set..
The competitors have trained hard…
Now it’s time to GET IT ON!!!

Matt Hume’s
AMC Kickboxing & Pankration
and the
Lucky Eagle Casino

UFCF & Washington State sanctioned
Professional Kickboxing & Pankration

Josh Barnett/Matt Hume

July 29, 2000 ~ 7:00 PM
Lucky Eagle Casino, Rochester, WA



1. Middleweight Kickboxing bout (3 rounds)
Travis Doerge
-Pacific Northwest welterweight champion (Centralia, WA)
Josh Malone
-Pacific Northwest super welterweight champion (Vancouver, WA)

2. Lightweight Pankration bout (3- 5 min. rounds)
Ryan "the Lion" Diaz
-Canadian Muay Thai champion (Vancouver BC, Canada)
-Pacific Northwest Pankration Champion
-Professional Japanese Shooto competitor

Greg Piper
-Professional Japanese Shooto competitor (Portland, Oregon)

3. Super Middleweight Kickboxing bout (5 rounds)
Kim "the Sensation" Mason
-Super middleweight world champion (Seattle, WA)
-Hawaiian Superbrawl champion
-Japanese Shooto competitor
-Pacific Northwest Pankration champion
Brent Russell
-Pacific Northwest Muay Thai champion (Trail BC, Canada)
-Pacific Northwest Kickboxing champion

4. Welterweight Pankration bout (3 – 5 min. rounds)

Charlie Pearson
-Pacific Northwest Pankration Champion (Everett, WA)
-Hawaiian Superbrawl champion

Rick Neely
-Washington State Pankration Champion (Wenatchee, WA)

5. Pacific Northwest #1 Kickboxing Ranking fight
Super heavyweight Kickboxing bout (5 rounds)

Josh "the Baby Faced Assassin" Barnett (Seattle, WA)
-North American Pankration champion
-Superbrawl tournament champion
-Superbrawl super fight champion
-#1 ranked North American Kickboxing

Gary "Big Boss" Marshall (Tacoma, WA)
-North American Kickboxing Champion
-North American Muay Thai Champion

6. Pacific Northwest #1 Pankration Ranking fight
Heavyweight bout (3- 5 min. rounds)

Jeff "the Rhino" Monson (Olympia, WA)
-Abu Dhabi Submission wrestling world Champion
-Pacific Northwest Pankration Champion
-Pac 10 wrestling champion
Bob Gilstrap (Bellevue, WA)
-Superbrawl champion
-Brazilian Vale Tudo Finalist
-Canadian Extreme fighting champion
-Ultimate fighting championship veteran

7. United States #1 Kickboxing Ranking fight
Lightweight bout (5 rounds)

Bambi Bertonacello (Bellevue, WA)
-UFCF Intercontinental Kickboxing Champion
-ISKA U.S. Champion
-ISKA #6 world ranked
-ESPN, Fox sports & Samurai T.V. appearances
Jessica LaPointe
-#2 ranked contender

8. United States Pankration Championship
Welterweight bout

Dennis "Superman" Hallman
-Pacific Northwest Pankration champion
-Extreme challenge tournament champion
-U.S. submission wrestling champion
-Ranked Japanese Shooto veteran
-Undefeated Kickboxer
Murrey Sholtey (Canada)
-1999 World Open Sambo Champion
-Provincial Golden Gloves Champion
-Abu Dhabi Submission wrestling competitor
-Pacific International Judo champion
-"Western Canada’s Toughest" Champion

Tickets for the big event: Saturday, July 29th 7:00
are now only available through the Lucky Eagle Casino
(TicketMaster is NO longer selling tickets)

*** When tickets are sold out there will still be admission to the bleachers available at the door.

Call the Lucky Eagle Casino and reserve your ticket now: 1-800-720-1788

More information, complete fight card, directions to the Lucky Eagle Casino at: http://www.Pankration.com

The fight card is set..
The competitors have trained hard…
Now it’s time to GET IT ON!!!

Matt Hume’s
AMC Kickboxing & Pankration
and the
Lucky Eagle Casino

UFCF & Washington State sanctioned
Professional Kickboxing & Pankration

Josh Barnett/Matt Hume
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