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Monday, Jan 01, 2001

Hawaiian Combat Amateur Show 2000

Hawaiian Combat Amateur Show 2000
Superstar Gym (Jesus Is Lord Gym),
Campbell Industrial Park, Kapolei, Hawaii
December 30, 2000
By Chris Onzuka – Chris@Onzuka.com

Brennan Kamaka and company put on an excellent event and you would never have known that this was their first event that they ever held. The event ran like a well-oiled machine. It was held in Superstar Gym, which is the extensive gym that the Jesus Is Lord team trains. The crowd that gathered into the gym was treated to great fights and great food. The organizers brought and applied their collective experience from competing under a number of different organizations and applied every detail into this event. The fighters came out under their own theme music, received great trophies, and they provided the judges and press with a copy of the fight card, rules, and event poster in a presentational folder on a table full of pupu’s [Hawaiian term for finger foods or hors d’orveurs]. As my brother, Mike, and I leaned over to T. Jay Thompson [Super Brawl promoter], who was one of the judges, to elbow him in the ribs every time we took a bite of some of the great food, he would remind us "don’t get used to this," with a chuckle. Local standout Niko Vitale served as an excellent referee. The competitors were very well matched up and fought like veterans. After the almost signature reaction of all of Team Tiger rushing into the ring to congratulate their fighter Alex on his victory or a game David Santiago, Brennan and Kai Kamaka came into the ring and took control of the situation and stated that any type of unsportsman-like conduct would not be tolerated. It was obvious that the sole purpose of this event was to promote the sport and give athletes a venue to gain experience in a safe and fair manner. My stomach and I cannot wait for the next event. It is tentatively scheduled for March 3, 2001.

  • 2 Rounds X 5 Minutes – 135lbs.
    Shane Cabillas (Jesus Is Lord Gym) def. Kai Lego (Universal Rough Housing)

    Submission via knee bar at 0:43 seconds in Round 1.

  • 2 Rounds X 5 Minutes – 135lbs.

    Russell Medeiros (Jesus Is Lord) def. Kawika Vias (Team Tribe)
    TKO, Vias did not want to continue after the end of Round 1.

  • 2 Rounds X 5 Minutes – 180lbs.

    Nate Ah Loo (Team Tribe) def. Kolo Tu (Freelance)
    Disqualification, Tu was disqualified for kneeing on the ground when doctors did not allow Ah Loo to continue due to a mild concussion at 2 minutes in Round 1.

  • 2 Rounds X 5 Minutes – 165lbs.
    Eddie Yagin (Freelance) def. Kalvin Thiravong (Freelance)
    TKO, referee stoppage due to punches from the mount at 4:35 minutes in Round 2.

  • 2 Rounds X 5 Minutes – 200lbs.
    Mike Malone (Team Tiger) def. Greg McMerran (Freelance)
    TKO, referee stoppage due to punches from the mount at 1:30 minutes in Round 1.

  • 2 Rounds X 5 Minutes – 205lbs.
    Paul Savea (SWAT) def. Kyle Kekauoha (Universal Rough Housing)
    TKO, referee stoppage due to punches from the mount at 0:22 seconds in Round 1.

  • Semi-Main Event – 2 Rounds X 5 Minutes – 160lbs.
    Alex (Team Tiger) def. David Santiago (Team Wailua)
    Submission via arm bar from the guard at 3:25 minutes in Round 1.

  • Main Event – 2 Rounds X 5 Minutes – 170lbs.
    Jason Dacquel (SWAT) def. Jay R. Palmer (Universal Rough Housing)
    KO due to punch after at 1:18 minutes in Round 1.

FCF Fight Techniques

Flying Arm-bar
This technique is from Matt Hume.

Aaron Riley is AMC’s newest member of the fight team training under Matt Hume, and comes to us with solid credentials and skills as the current WEF and HOOKnSHOOT champion, look for Aaron to make big waves in the future with his new-found Pankration skills. Matt Hume is the founder of AMC Kickboxing & Pankration Center in Kirkland, WA. Matt had TKO victories in Battlecade Extreme Fighting #3 and #4 over Eric Paulson and Pat Miletich and defeated Kenny Monday in 45 seconds in The Contenders.

Contact info:
AMC Kickboxing & Pankration Center
427 6th Street South
Kirkland, WA   98033

FCF Fight Techniques
Matt Hume and Aaron Riley are in collar tie position.
FCF Fight Techniques
Matt jumps up on Aaron with his right leg squeezing Aaron’s torso and his left leg squeezing down on Aaron’s shoulder and neck, while keeping a hold of Aaron’s neck with his right arm, and trapping Aaron’s arm with his left arm.
FCF Fight Techniques
Matt rotates his hips behind the trapped shoulder and brings his left leg in front of Aaron’s face while maintaining his neck and arm hold.
FCF Fight Techniques
Matt lets his head down to the mat and bridges to turn face down and apply the arm-bar.

Disclaimer: This technique, as any martial art technique, can be dangerous. You or your training partner may be injured if you apply or practice this technique. The author, Matt Hume, Aaron Riley, and FCF are not responsible for any injury that may result. Please consult a physician as to whether or not to attempt this technique.

FCF presents fight techniques in every issue of Full Contact Fighter.
In this month’s issue: Derek Panza discusses "the rear hook" in Punchers Corner and Ivan & Kim demonstrate a "Russian arm drag from guard to back mount" in Matt Hume Techniques"

From the event’s promoter:

UCC Poster

January 27th
in Sherbrooke, Quebec


Canada readies itself for the third installment of Canada’s premier fight promotion, the Universal Combat Challenge (UCC). With now less than a month until the traditional "show time", the UCC and it’s Universal Warriors are already well prepared to rock the rowdy town of Shebrooke, Quebec and deliver fifteen (15) action packed full contact bouts. Fans will be witnesses to six (6) championship bouts, a four man Light Heavyweight tournament and many challenge fights with athletes ranging from 150 pounds to 290 pounds.

The main event if the evening will pit "Ontario’s Bad Boy" Jason St-Louis against the undisputed Canadian Middleweight Champion, David "The Crow" Loiseau. These young warriors appeared side to side on the UCC’s weekly MMA television show and expressed to millions of viewers why they will emerge victorious on the 27th. Judging by the rapid ticket sales for UCC 3: Battle for the BeltsTM, the public is very anxious to see who will make their prediction of guaranteed victory come true in the Ring of FuryTM.

In the second main event, Montreal’s own Charles Nestor will face the toughest challenge of his young career in Sean Pierson. This bout will once again pit one of Quebec’s toughest against one of Ontario’s most fierce fighters. The drama behind this bout has been building ever since UCC 2 where these two were supposed to meet in the ring. However the bout was postponed due to a medical issue. On January 27th, they will enter the ring with hopes of becoming the UCC World Lightweight champion.

UCC 3 will also feature a Canadian lightweight title fight between the experienced champion JF Bolduc and #1 contender Phil Hughes. Hughes is a prot

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