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Thursday, Dec 18, 2003

Heat Fc 2 Evolution Quick Results:

HEAT FC 2 Evolution Quick Results:
By Eduardo Alonso

      HEAT FC 2 Evolution is now history, and the biggest MMA show assembled in Brazil in recent years brought eight fights with some surprising results, controversy and a never seen before production in the country. In the most controversial fight of the night Allan Goes refused to continue fighting and left the ring, when the referee tried to continue the fight after a stand up order to the fighters, which Goes ignored only to apply a key lock that made Ximu tap cause the fight was already stopped before by the referee. With this strange action Allan was called the loser on the fight with Ximu getting the win by forfeit. American fighters Forrest Griffin and Travis Wiuff both did great showings, with Griffin scoring an impressive KO in great fashion and Travis controlling Barreto and cutting his face a lot during the fight. The sad news comes with a broken arm suffered by Griffin in his winning effort, due to the absurd punching power of Edson Paredao. FCF will feature a review soon, check the results:

  • Dinarte Silva def. Charles Andrade by judges`decision
  • Vinicius Draculino def. Kleber Galdino by katagatame choke in R1
  • Sergio Junior drew with Fabio Bolinho by judges`decision
  • Alexandre Vaca def. Marcelo Uirapuru by judges`decision
  • Forrest Griffin def. Edson Paredao by KO in R1
  • Ebenezer Braga def. Eric Wanderley by judges`decision
  • Gustavo Ximu def. Allan Goes by forfeit in R1
  • Travis Wiuff def. Carlos Barreto by judges
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