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Wednesday, Jul 23, 2003

Heat Fc News, Belfort’s Wedding Plans, Jiu-jitsu Under The Spotlight And Arona Ready For Action!

HEAT FC news, Belfort’s Wedding plans, Jiu-Jitsu Under the Spotlight and Arona Ready for action!

The Brazilian Beat:
      HEAT FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP is coming strong this next July 31st and MECA follows on August 1st. Also on the MMA trend, this edition of the BEAT brings you results from the latest Shooto show in Brazilian soil, as well as news regarding Ricardo Arona’s training as well as his mentor, Mario Sperry, recovery from surgery. But since MMA isn’t all that is into fighting, we’re also bringing a taste of Jiu-Jitsu in this edition, since the sport has being totally on fire in Brazil this past days! As it couldn’t be different in this space recently, Vitor Belfort is once again on the news and the guy has been literally everywhere in our country, appearing in several shows and raising to the spotlights once again. Since there’s a saying that time is money, let’s not waste a single dime more and bring you the news straight ahead, as Full Contact Fighter never rests and keep following the beat, as fighting in its different forms sets the rhythm through July in Brazil!