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Friday, Jul 16, 2004

Heating Up For Bushido 4

Heating Up For Bushido 4
It’s finally time to boogie down in Japan for Dean Lister!
By Eduardo Alonso

Ever since he started dedicating himself to Martial Arts, Dean Lister’s life has been always progressing as he continued to improve as a fighter and was always taking his time and measuring his steps with smarts and caution, making sure he would be in for a long and fruitful run, in a sport where a fighter can burn bridges as easily as one can count to three. His smart decisions, along with his grappling skills and physical strength, are probably his most impressive characteristic in the MMA game and now Lister is likely taking his most important step to date, landing in one of the biggest fighting promotions on earth, Pride! This coming weekend "The Boogey Man" Dean will take the magic he worked in the most diverse places in the past, such as the Brazilian mats in Abu Dhabi 2003, or the fearsome cage of KOTC, to the Pride Bushido Ring, facing probably the most dangerous striker he ever fought in Amar Suloev. Always in a good mood, the American fighter took his time to talk to FCF about this coming match-up, and several other matters on his career, just one day prior to his departure to the land of the rising sun. As Full Contact Fighter gets heated up for Pride Bushido 4, Dean Lister shares his thoughts on the fight game, enjoy!

FCF:   After you’ve reached your moment of glory winning the Abu Dhabi absolute division in 2003, you have been dedicating yourself to MMA. Will this be a trend from now on in your career?
DL:    I always try to train actions and positions that work in MMA and also are effective in grappling competitions. I just train more in Kickboxing and takedowns when I have a fight coming close.

FCF:   Over the course of your MMA career you have only fought at KOTC. How did you develop this relationship with the event, and why did this happen? Weren’t you invited by other shows such as the UFC?
DL:    I have had many shows ask me to fight but I had a contract with King of the cage and they treated me well. I have had some tough opponents in the event and had a good chance to develop my personal style.

FCF:   Your last fight was a judges’ decision loss to tough Jeremy Horn, at KOTC 31. What’s your take on the decision, and what do you think you could’ve done better in that fight?
DL:    Jeremy Horn is a very tough and smart opponent and it was absolutely a very close fight, a big factor in my loss was the blood. I received an elbow, the first strike I received from Jeremy Horn in the fight, and it cut me badly. The blood loss took my strength from me, blinded me badly and didn’t look good in the eyes of people watching the fight. I feel I won rounds 1 and 2, I lost round 3 and round 4 was close with me winning the end of the round. I only feel I win a fight if I finish my opponent so I don’t feel I deserve the victory but I don’t think of it as a loss, I think of the fight as being very close than most people know, after all one judge out of three gave me the decision, he felt I won the fight, but overall I let educated fans watch the fight and make their own decisions, but it was a great learning experience.

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