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Thursday, Nov 25, 2004

Heating Up For Cage Rage:

Heating up for Cage Rage:
A chance to rewrite history! Samy Schiavo ready to rematch Jean Silva.
By Eduardo Alonso

It’s unquestionable that MMA has been growing worldwide in the last few years, and it’s even more unquestionable that Europe is finally taking a role in our sport that it should have taken a long time ago. With the number of important countries in the old continent, the current power of the Euro, not to mention the good old Sterling pounds, and the fighting tradition in most European countries, that changes from one martial art to another in mere miles of distance, there’s endless potential for shows to grow in that region in the coming years, making it also for talented fighters to appear, and creating a new market for fans and professionals of our sport. With that said, the UK has been leading the way recently with promotion Cage Rage taking charge and adding interesting fighting cards, one after the other, bringing famous fighters from countries such as the USA and Brazil to their roster and giving fans all over the world a new event to look for.

The next edition of Cage Rage, coming this Saturday November 27th in England, is no exception. With a stacked card that counts with names such as UFC veterans Renato Babalu and Matt Lindland, one title fight on the card has the potential of a show stealer, as Brazilian UK sensantion Jean Silva will be rematching one of his toughest opponents ever in French striker Samy Schiavo. During my recent trip to Europe I had a chance to meet Schiavo and follow a bit of his training, and could witness his talent and commitment to fighting. If you consider that the first time these two competitors fought it was elected as the best fight of the UK in that year, you can understand the level of excitement for local fans regarding this fight, much more now that a belt is on the line.

We took some time to talk with Samy Schiavo and have his thoughts on his upcoming fight at Cage Rage against Jean Silva. Take this chance to know more about this fighter, and don’t be surprised if this fight steals the show once again!

Samy Schiavo

FCF:   I understand you started out with stand up martial arts, before you got into MMA. How did you started out in martial arts, how did you get interested?
SS:     My big bro James was already in martial arts, and when I was 6 years old he brought me naturally. My grandfather was a good boxer in Italy and we love fighting in our family. I grew up fighting my brother when I was little, all the time (Laughs).

FCF:   (Laughs) I can picture it… After many competitions, and having a brother that is also a fighter, how did you make the transition to MMA, and why did you decided to go to MMA?
SS:     I practiced Tae Kwon Do and kick boxing at high level, and sincerely I was a little disappointed with the judging criteria, especially in Tae Kwon Do, and all the bizarre stuff that goes on in kick boxing. So I decide to go to MMA cause I think you’re not stop by a number of rules, and you can do sincerely what you want, trying to be effective. No frustration!

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Belfort to resume training at BTT, Sperry to have a daughter, Barreto back in action, Ninja ready for the USA, Silva wanting to fight, Royce preparing seriously and Brazilian Challenger is back!

The Brazilian Beat:
      It took a long time, I know it took a real long time, but we’re back! It took more than a month the Brazilian Beat is finally back at Full Contact Fighter, and we’ll do it in good style. After traveling trough the most diverse regions of Europe and having a chance to meet some of the readers, this humble reporter got back to the headquarters in Brazil where plenty of news were waiting to be told, as the MMA wheel never stops turning here in this hot weather country. It’s even tough to know where to start, as plenty of great happenings on the MMA world took place while this space was "on hold", such as Wanderlei Silva’s epic battle against Quinton Jackson, Mauricio Shogun’s new success in Bushido, or even Ricardo Arona’s comeback to the Pride winning circle. Besides that, some backstage news are always popping up, like Mario Sperry finding out he will have a daughter, and Vitor Belfort’s minor back injury that prevented him from finally resuming training at BTT, despite different news posted on different vehicles. But we’re back for what’s worth, and it’s time to settle the record straight and release some news! As we have a lot of catching up to do, let’s move along and go straight to the news, cause the world keeps turning and The Brazilian Beat keeps beating up in the rhythm of the hot summer that is coming over soon in Brazil! Feels good to be back home at FCF, enjoy!

  • Vitor Belfort will finally start his training sessions in his comeback with the Brazilian Top Team this next Monday, the 29th of November. A lot has been said on whether Vitor is already back with BTT or not, however facts are that he is indeed back with the team, however a minor back injury prevented him from resuming training, what will finally happen next week. Speculations have also ran high about Belfort’s future, and everything is uncertain at this point as his fight against Tito Ortiz is reported to be the last of his current UFC contract, and depending on the result of this fight anything can happen.
  • Speaking of the Brazilian Top Team, training is going intense for the December 31st Pride fight between team’s star Rodrigo Minotauro Nogueira and Russian sensation Emelianenko Fedor. Minotauro’s preparation is being taken so seriously that Mario Sperry himself supposedly turned down an offer to also fight on the Pride new year’s eve show to focus on guiding Nogueira’s preparation for such an important fight against Fedor. Sperry coudln’t be happier though, as this coming April his family will get bigger with his first Daughter coming over to this world.
  • However, there’s still chance that Rogerio Nogueira, twin brother of Minotauro, will also take part on the next Pride card. Nothing is still sure, but Minotoro is training hard as well expecting an invitation at anytime. Another BTT stand out that is on verge of fighting in the next Pride is Luis Buscape, who has been making an impact in his Pride Bushido fights, and has been reported as an opponent for Takanori Gomi for long. Pride Middleweight contender Ricardo Arona is also back to serious training, as he was just having a well-deserved vacation on Thailand, looking for personal interests, after his recent bout in Pride.

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