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Monday, Sep 25, 2000

Hooknshoot Announces -logo Contest



HOOKnSHOOT, Indiana’s Mixed Martial Arts company is launching a contest to find a new logo for the brand name HOOKnSHOOT.

"We want to get a new logo, something different. We have used many variations, but we think it is time that we got some input – we want to have an identifiable brand name, which we think we do, and now we need a unique logo as well" states promoter Jeff Osborne.

– Logo created needs to have HOOKnSHOOT & HnS abbreviation.
– .gif or .jpg format please!
– Have entries in by no later than NOVEMBER 1st.

Continues Osborne, "We think our fans will do the best job at creating something unique. We had bounced a few ideas around, and then we got the idea of giving it to the fans to create – they will do a better job, I am sure."

– FREE SET OF THE 2000 ADCC Submission Wrestlinmg World Championships
– Invite to a HnS show in 2001.

SEND ENTRIES TO: migueli@pa.net

–Listen to Daily Olympic Coverage,
Live from Sydney with Jeff Blatnick
Featuring Wrestling All Week!

by Eddie Goldman

"No Holds Barred" can be heard every Monday through Friday, 3 to 5 PM New
York time (Eastern Time – U.S.), only on eYada.com (http://www.eyada.com).

This week we will continue our LIVE, DAILY reports from the 2000 Olympics by 1984 Greco-Roman wrestling Olympic gold medalist Jeff Blatnick, in Sydney to cover wrestling for NBC. We will speak with Jeff every day at approximately 4 PM New York time (EDT). Jeff’s reports this week will focus on freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling, whose competition has begun. These reports will continue through this Friday. Jeff will also be providing live reports for eYada’s "Press Pass" show with Don La Greca and Ellen Roberts at about 10 PM New York time (EDT). "Press Pass" is on eYada Monday through Friday, 9 PM to midnight New York time.

Go get 'em Eddie
Monday, September 25 — UFC XXVII is in the books, and it was a show to remember. Today we provide a full recap, plus ringside interviews taped just after the show with matchmaker John Perretti, head referee Big John McCarthy, SEG and eYada CEO Bob Meyrowitz, fighter Yuki Kondo, manager Phyllis Lee, and Becky Levi who was in Dan Severn’s corner.

Tuesday, September 26 — The Smith Brothers, Paul and Maurice, once again speak to us. Paul Smith will tell us about this coming Saturday’s IFC Battleground 2000 show at the Tropicana Casino and Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey. This is a groundbreaking event, as it is the first athletic commission sanctioned mixed martial arts show in New Jersey. And even though he is not exactly Paul’s brother, Maurice Smith will tell us all about his victory over Bobby Hoffman at UFC XXVII.

Wednesday, September 27 — Award-winning journalist Andrew Jennings, author of the controversial expose "The Great Olympic Swindle," joins us to evaluate the corruption factor thus far at this year’s Olympic Games. We also will have a report from this past Sunday’s Pancrase event which crowned two new Kings of Pancrase, one in the middleweight division and another at light-heavyweight. Expect to hear from the First Lady of NHB, Phyllis Lee, and hopefully some of the fighters on that card.

Thursday, September 28Jeff Monson made a successful UFC debut by defeating Tim Lajcik this past Friday, and today he joins us. We also speak with Brian Cimins, who is putting on the Grapplers Quest West next Saturday, October 7, in Las Vegas, which will feature Jeff and many other top grapplers.

Friday, September 29 — Today we head to the Tropicana Casino and Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey, for Saturday’s IFC Battleground 2000 show. Many of the fighters will have arrived by now, and we expect to speak with loads of them, including many of the luminaries of the NHB world who are here for this event.


-King of Pancrase title match & Ranking Tournament final-
Sunday, September 24, 2000
Doors Open: 3:30PM Fights Start: 4:00PM
Yokohama Culture Gymnasium(Kanagawa, Japan)
Live Gate: 4,500

  • Fight#1(10 min)-Middleweight Ranking Tournament semifinal 1st match-
    Nathan Marquardt(U.S.A./Colorado Stars) def. Kiuma Kunioku(open-weight 2nd ranked/Pancrase Yokohama) by unanimous judges decision(3-0) at 10:00 regulation time.

  • Fight#2(10 min)-Middleweight Ranking Tournament semifinal 2nd match-
    Shonie Carter(U.S.A./All American Martial Arts Gym) def. Chris Lytle(U.S.A./I.F. Academy)
    by unanimous judges’ decision(3-0) at 2nd 3:00 overtime after 10:00 regulation time+1st 3:00 overtime.

  • Fight#3(10 min)-Light Heavyweight Ranking Tournament semifinal 1st match-
    Kei Yamamiya(open-weight 3rd ranked/Pancrase Tokyo) def. Omar Bouiche(Sweden/Stockholm All Style Fighting Arts)
    by front choke at 6:46.

  • Fight#4(10 min)-Light Heavyweight Ranking Tournament semifinal 2nd match-
    Ikuhisa Minowa(Pancrase Yokohama) def. Brian Gassaway(U.S.A./Chicago Fitness)
    by ankle lock at 5:00.

  • Fight#5(10 min)-special match-
    Denis Kang(Canada/Marcus Soares Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) def. Minoru Suzuki(Pancrase Yokohama)
    by tap at 3:43.

  • Fight#6(10 min)-special match-
    KENGO(Pancrase Tokyo) def. Joe Charles(U.S.A./LA Boxing)
    by unanimous judges’ decision(3-0) at 10:00 regulation time.
    Marquardt, Schilt, Yamamiya

  • Fight#7(10 min)-Middleweight Ranking Tournament final-
    Nathan Marquardt def. Shonie Carter
    by unanimous judges’ decision(3-0) at 10:00 regulation time+3:00 overtime.
    *Marquardt crowned the 1st Middleweight King of Pancrase.

  • Fight#8(10 min)-Light Heavyweight Ranking Tournament final-
    Kei Yamamiya def. Ikuhisa Minowa
    by unanimous judges’ decision(3-0) at 10:00 regulation time+3:00 overtime.
    *Yamamiya crowned the 1st Light Heavyweight King of Pancrase.

  • Fight#9(20 min)-open-weight King of Pancrase title match-
    Semmy Schilt(9th K.O.P./Holland/Dave Jonkers Dojo) def. Osami Shibuya(open-weight 6th ranked/Pancrase Yokohama)
    by mount punch TKO at 8:55.

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