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Thursday, May 22, 2003

Hooknshoot Preview

By Keith Mills

Just three weeks after HOOKnSHOOT put on a show in Boston with Ring Of Fury, they return this weekend to Ft. Lauderdale for a show with Absolute Fighting Championships. The HOOKnSHOOT Southeast 155 title belt is on the line between current champion of both the Southeast and Northeast Marcus Aurelio plus a superfight with Jens Pulver vs. Jason Maxwell and possibly the 125 women’s belt between Jennifer Howe and Tara LaRosa. Currently there is no confirmation of whether the seemingly cursed women’s belt fight will actually happen.

Jens Pulver with Pat Miletich and Jeremy Horn in his corner
Jens Pulver

As most fans know by now Jens Pulver is on the verge of signing a contract with Shooto and this fight with Maxwell will be the first time Jens has fought under Shooto rules. HOOKnSHOOT have ended their affiliation with Shooto but still use their rules and their results are usually acknowledged but not added to official Shooto stats. Jason is said to be one who has good standup and can stay on his feet and bang with Li’l Evil, testing the southpaw and likely being a candidate for fight of the night.

Can it be true the HOOKnSHOOT women’s belt is cursed? Currently the three of the top four 135s are injured, resulting in this fight being at 125 in the first place but now even that is in doubt as rumors one of the fighters may not make it are surfacing. With no next HOOKnSHOOT currently scheduled until July 19th it looks like fans of the women’s divisions may be in for yet another setback on the road to legitimacy. Hopefully this fight will come through as LaRosa/Howe is likely to be a standup barnburner.

Tara LaRosa Lister (right) working a submission on Cacareco
LaRosa Howe

The rest of the card has a good representation of the teams for which fans have come to appreciate HOOKnSHOOT including Brazilian Top Team’s Fabiano Scherner and Team Elite’s Nuri Shakir plus local and regional fighters like Mike Lee and Efrain Ruiz. With four fights being at either 150 or 155 and two at 170 look for most of the fighters to be fast and flexible but not the heavy brawlers seen in other promotions.

HnS Southeast 155 LB Title Defense
Darrell Smith vs. Marcos Aurelio (HnS 155 Champion)

Jens Pulver vs. Jason Maxwell

HnS World 125 LB Women’s Title Match – Vacant

Jennifer Howe vs. Tara Larosa
*Apparently, a missed airplane flight puts title match in jeopardy!

Curtis Stout vs. Efrain Ruiz
Derrick Noble vs. Wald Bloise
Scott Bowman vs. Fabiano Scherner
Nuri Shakir vs. Justin Weiman
Brian Geraghty vs. Mike Lee
Brandon Bledsoe vs. Jorge Masvidal

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