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Saturday, Nov 20, 2004

Hooknshoot Revolution 2 – Dvd

HOOKnSHOOT Revolution 2 – DVD

HOOKnSHOOT Revolution 2 DVD
HnS Revolution 2
This is one of the best DVDs HnS has ever done. It features nearly two hours of content with matches NEVER before seen anywhere.

This is a must for your DVD collection!

  1. Judy Neff vs. Jessica Ross
  2. Julie Kedzie vs. Terry Blair
  3. Christine Van Fleet vs. Tanya Vlahac
  4. Shelby Walker vs. Judy Neff
  5. Kelly Kobold vs. Ginele Marquez
  6. Del Greer vs. Fancesca Menda
  7. Terri Lukomski vs. Jennifer Howe
  8. Tara LaRosa vs. Angela Wilson
  9. WORLD TITLE FIGHT – Tara LaRosa vs. Jennifer Howe

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Ring of Combat VII
By Jim Genia

Promoter Louis Neglia presents Dante Rivera with the Super-Cruiserweight Title belt
Rivera wins the title

(November 20th, Elizabeth, New Jersey) Fans packed into the Rexplex Sports Complex tonight for some MMA action, and action was what they got. Ring of Combat VII brought together a rising star, an unbeatable female warrior, a Hawaiian fighting legend, and a heavyweight underdog, and the ensuing thrills had the audience cheering. Highlights of the night included:

  • Pitt’s Penn rookie Travis Roesler’s gutsy weathering of Norm Schack’s ground-and-pound storm and his turning of the tide with some well-placed punches and a bout-ending knee.
  • The battle between slugger Jose Rodriguez and Team Renzo’s Dante Rivera, which saw a composed Rivera dishing out a ton of punishment to get the ref stoppage.
  • Serra/Longo representative Tom Muller’s flawless grappling clinic, which garnered him the submission victory over the heavy-handed Carlos Moreno – and the Ring of Combat belt!

Laura D'Auguste pummeling Christine Jensen Dante Rivera slams his way out of Jose Rodriguez' triangle choke
D’Auguste pummeling Jensen Rivera slams out of triangle


  • Vinny Sparacino (Luigi’s Martial Arts-183lbs) vs. Will Malloy (Team Tiger Schulmann-189lbs)
    Malloy via unanimous decision.

  • John Sivori (Advanced Fighting Systems-197lbs) vs. Hazem Ibrahim (Team Renzo/Ricardo Almeida-205lbs)
    Sivori via unanimous decision.

  • Travis Roesler (Pitt’s Penn-220lbs) vs. Norm Schack (Team Renzo/Martin’s JJ-225lbs)
    Roesler via ref stoppage due to unanswered strikes at 3:05 of R2.

  • Ring of Combat Super Cruiserweight Title
    Jose Rodriguez (Pitt’s Penn-188lbs) vs. Dante Rivera (Team Renzo/Ricardo Almeida-194lbs)
    Rivera via ref stoppage due to unanswered strikes at 4:37 of R2.

  • Ring of Combat Women’s Welterweight Title
    Christine Jensen (IMAT Academy-134lbs) vs. Laura D’Auguste (Team Tiger Schulmann-131lbs)
    D’Auguste via ref stoppage due to unanswered strikes at 4:55 of R1.

  • Ring of Combat Super Heavyweight Title
    Tom Muller (Serra/Longo-231lbs) vs. Carlos Moreno (268lbs)
    Muller via submission (arm triangle) at 4:18 of R2.

  • Ring of Combat Super Middleweight Title
    Jay R. Palmer (Ultimate Ruff Houzers-164lbs) vs. Kurt Pellegrino (Team Renzo/Ricardo Almeida-165lbs)
    Pellegrino via rear choke at 3:16 of R1.

Kurt Pellegrino choking Jay R. Palmer for the win
Pellegrino choking Palmer for the win

Rumble On The Rock 6
Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu, Hawaii
November 21, 2004
By Chris Onzuka

Hawaii has had some big names fight in past events, but this would mark the first time that a Gracie would fight here. ROTR recently announced its partnership with the K-1 Fighting Network, the largest fighting organization in the world. After looking at the card, you can see K-1’s influence with a few of the K-1 fighters peppering the fight card along with six UFC veterans. ROTR is always trying to raise the level of their events, so why have one Gracie fight when you can have two Gracies fight? Royler and Rodrigo Gracie came and brought the "Gracie mystique" to Hawaii fight fans, with Rodrigo taking on Hawaii’s most successful fighter, BJ Penn and Royler taking on a wrestler who represented Japan in the Sydney Olympics. This fight would set new ground for BJ Penn. Penn started out in the 155lb division and beat the highest ranked fighter, Takanori Gomi soundly to become the undisputed best fighter at 155lbs. He then moved up in weight to fight the number one fighter and UFC champion at 170lbs, Matt Hughes, and beat him by way of the same technique (rear naked choke). Now Penn has moved up one more weight class to fight undefeated Rodrigo Gracie at 185lbs in front of a hometown crowd.

The event was reportedly sold out by Thursday, so a Jumbotron screen had been removed to open up more seats to help meet demand. The attendance record for an MMA event set by SuperBrawl could have been broken, but final numbers need to be verified for this. To kick it up a notch, a Hawaiian themed entrance stage was constructed. It featured giant tiki’s, palms and Polynesian dancers. The fights ended up being fast a furious and it was unfortunate because fight fans were not able to see more of the beautiful ring card girls. Oh well, such is life. Two fights went the distance and two got into the second round, but the rest of the matches ended quickly. Two of BJ’s students took a jump in skill levels and fought two very good fighters and came up short. Big Wes Sims was easily taken out by Antoni Hardonk. If Sims does not regroup after this loss, he will probably not be invited back to any event of reasonable importance and get killed in a couple weeks when he fights Tim Sylvia at Super Brawl. Local boy Mike Malone replaced Niko Vitale on a couple days notice, Vitale had to pull out of the fight due to personal reasons. Malone got viciously KO’d when Midoux threw one over the top.

At the ROTR press conference, it was announced that Chad "Akebono" Rowan would be fighting Royce Gracie at the December 31st event in Japan. To build up their match, one student of each fighter’s went into the cage to square off. Royce’s student came out the winner, which could mark things to come. Also on the card was ex-Pro wrestler and behemoth of a man, Sean O’Hare taking on Judoka Shungo Oyama, who was much smaller (8 inches shorter and 60lbs lighter). Needless to say, O’Hare destroyed Oyama in 31 seconds. Cabbage came back after two tough losses and fought a war against Nakao. Nakao took down, cut and bloodied Cabbage in the first round and got some questionable restarts by the referee, but Nakao pulled it out in 2 out of the 3 judges. Royler Gracie had his first MMA match since being KO’d by Genki Sudo in Japan. Miyata, an Olympic wrestler representing Japan, was extremely strong and dished it out to Royler. Miyata even picked up and slammed Royler on his head, causing Royler to be stunned for a moment. Royler performed a comeback from behind win (classic Jiu-Jitsu style) by locking in a triangle for the submission later in the fight.

Carter Williams made short work of Tom Howard unloading on some of the hardest hooks thrown from the ground that I have ever seen.

Finally, Rodrigo controlled BJ against the cage, apparently hoping to tire BJ out in the first round. In the second, BJ got off the fence and dropped Rodrigo, passed his guard and pounded on him from cross-side. Rodrigo defended from the cross very well, but took another hard uppercut in the third round that sent him to the canvas. Penn was not able to finish him in the time given, which shows the skills of Rodrigo Gracie. The crowd was brought to its feet over the fight and it even spilled out into the crowd where there was a huge fight in the audience. The mood in the Blaisdell arena was charged up, probably due to the packed house and BJ Penn testing himself against a member of the Gracie family. Rumors have been circulating that if BJ beats Rodrigo, his former teacher, Ralph Gracie will challenge BJ. This has not been substantiated, but it makes for an interesting situation. All in all, ROTR out did themselves for their inaugural partnership with K-1 and largest event that they have ever produced. The next ROTR is tentatively scheduled for February 2005.

3 Rounds – 5 Minutes:
Gilbert Melendez (Cesar Gracie) def. Kaynan Kaku (BJ Penn’s MMAA)
TKO via referee stoppage due to punches at 3:58 into R2.

3 Rounds – 5 Minutes:
Dennis Hallman (Victory Athletics) def. Ross Ebanez (BJ Penn’s MMAA)
Submission via rear naked choke at 1:13 into R1.

3 Rounds – 5 Minutes:
Antoni Hardonk (VOS Gym) def. Wes Sims (Hammer House)
Submission via key lock from the mount at 4:24 into R1.

3 Rounds – 5 Minutes:
Kristof Midoux (Lebanner Extreme Team) def. Mike Malone (Eastsidaz)
KO via an overhand right at 1:54 into R1.

3 Rounds – 5 Minutes:
Spencer "Aitor" Canup (Royce Gracie) def. Juda A’alona (Team Yokozuna)
Submission via standing guillotine choke at 1:37 into R1.

3 Rounds – 5 Minutes:
Sean O’Hare (Shark Tank) def. Shungo Oyama (Omiya)
TKO via referee stoppage due to strikes at 0:31 into R1.

3 Rounds – 5 Minutes:
Yoshihiro Nakao (Freelance) def. Wesley "Cabbage" Correira (BJ Penn’s MMAA)
Split decision [(30-27), (30-26), (28-19)] after 3 rounds.

3 Rounds – 5 Minutes:
Royler Gracie (Gracie Humaita) def. Kazuyuki Miyata (Freelance)
Submission via triangle choke at 2:46 into R2.

3 Rounds – 5 Minutes:
Carter Williams (Voodoo USA) def. Tom Howard (Universal Pro Wrestling)
TKO via referee stoppage at 2:16 into R1.

3 Rounds – 5 Minutes:
BJ Penn (BJ Penn’s MMAA) def. Rodrigo Gracie (Royce Gracie)
Unanimous decision [(30-27), (30-27), (30-27)] after 3 rounds.

From the event’s promoter:

RCF 25: House of Pain

Reality Combat, the longest running NHB show in the South, will be hosting its 25th show on December 4th at Isle of Capri Casino and Resort in Lake Charles, LA. The show will include two, 8 man amateur tournaments. The weight classes are 170-185 lbs and 205-265lbs. The finalists of each tournament will split a $1,500 purse, with the winner of each tournament receiving a professional contract. This is a great opportunity for amateurs looking to make the step up to the professional ranks. Applications are currently being accepted for both weight classes. If you are selected, you will receive travel/airfare as well as food and hotel accommodations. All applications should be sent to Rich Clementi at Rich@globalsportsent.com.
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