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Saturday, Mar 29, 2003

Hooknshootabsolute Fighting Championship 2results

Absolute Fighting Championship 2

By Keith Mills

Hirotaka Yokoi wins the belt from Wilson Goveia
Yokoi takes SE title from Goveia
Phillip Miller def. Boca DeOliveira
Miller def. DeOliveira
  • Rick Davis def. Cade Swallows 2:15 r2 by KO
  • Brandon Bledsoe def. Anthony Hamlett 1:26 r1 by armbar
  • Chatt Lavender def. Danila Vaselov by majority decision
  • Alex Paz def. Mike Whitehead by decision
  • Jason Ireland def. Tom Kirk 3:57 by armbar
  • Jeremy Bolt def. Hudson Rocha 3:23 r2 by TKO
  • Leigh Remedios def. Victor Estrada1:32 r2 by rear choke
  • Marco Aurelio def. Justin Wisniewski 1:14 r1 by armbar
  • Antoine Joaude def. Kristof Midoux 3:58 r1 by TKO/could not continue
  • Phillip Miller def. Boca DeOliveira by decision
  • Hirotaka Yokoi def. Wilson Goveia 2:26 r3 by TKO

WEC Results
By Keith Mills

Castillo looking for the ref to show mercy on his opponent
Castillo looking for the
ref to show mercy
Tito Ortiz holding flag
Tito Ortiz

Lemoore, CA — In a long night of great action five-time former champion Frank Shamrock returned to the cage to defeat Rage In The Cage standout Brian Pardoe in the first round. The win itself didn’t surprise most fans, it was that Frank looked to be in trouble when Pardoe took him down near the fence and delivered a couple shots to Frank’s face before Frank could slap on the armbar, showing this wasn’t just some tomato can thrown at Frank to get his name in the papers. Frank was fluid and almost flawless with the only criticism available being it would have been great to see more of him.

Gil Castillo and fellow Cesar Gracie up-and-comer Nick Diaz showed concern for their opponents when they both hurt them before the refs would stop their fights. Nick popped Hurley arm in a dominating performance for the IFC 170lb belt while Castillo tore open William’s right cheek causing his corner to throw in the towel between rounds.

Shonie versus Jackson was the match that got the crowd on their feet with most of the three rounds being on the feet as Jackson continually jabbed Shonie’s face while Shonie scored with kicks and some takedowns. Probably the fight of the night.

Special guest Tito Ortiz held the American Flag for the National Anthem and remained ringside with his wife the entire show, even taking a couple pictures of Frank’s fight. When Chuck Liddell was brought into the ring to call out Tito just like WEC in CT last summer Tito responded in typical fashion saying that was the most words Chuck had strung together in a sentence yet. Wearing his "I Killed Kenny, YOU BASTARD" t-shirt Tito went on to explain to the very appreciative crowd he was holding out for the paycheck he deserves, citing boxing purses and other top level fighters that have passed up opportunities over contractual disagreements.

  1. Carlos Cordero def. Steve Cutler 2:31 r1 by armbar
  2. Poppis Martinez def. Eric Husbands 0:10 r1 by KO
  3. Chris Sanford def. Jack Cardenas 2:45 r1 by armbar
  4. Ed Wedding def. Doug Evans 4:37 r1 by armbar
  5. Tim McKenzie def. John Appleby 1:03 r1 by TKO
  6. Brandon Wolff def. Hannibal Adofo by split decision
    Frank Shamrock (left) vs. Brian Pardoe
    Shamrock vs. Pardoe
  7. Bert Bergmark def. Brodie Farber 3:57 r1 by TKO
  8. Mike Swick def. Kengo Ura 0:31 r3 by KO
  9. Gilbert Melendez def. Jeff Hougland 2:05 r2 by TKO
  10. Nick Diaz def. Joe Hurley 1:55 r1 by arm submission
  11. Brian Stromberg def. Levi Thornbrue 1:43 r1 tapout to punches
  12. Jeremy Jackson def. Shonie Carter by unanimous decision
  13. Gil Castillo def. Chris Williams between rounds 1 & 2, couldn’t continue
  14. Frank Shamrock def. Brian Pardoe 1:46 r1 by armbar

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