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Saturday, Jan 17, 2004

Horns Heat Things Up At Ice Event In Ohio

From the event’s promoter:

Horns Heat Things up at ICE Event in Ohio

      FAIRFIELD, Ohio — In a show that had a little bit of everything, it was a pair of Horns that stood out in the crowd.
      Local hero "Mojo" Horn recovered from being dropped in the first 20 seconds and turned around his fight with Gerald Pierson, securing an armbar after a dramatic ground-and-pound effort.
      Jeremy Horn followed one fight later with a standup clinic against a game Ron Fields that included dozens of strategically placed kicks and lasted just over eight minutes. It was a rare look at the under-rated standup ability of one of the sport’s top performers.
      Labeled ICE 7: Meltdown at Metropolis, it was the show’s debut at the Metropolis nightclub, one of the bigger night spots in the Cincinnati area. Besides Horn, some of the top Miletich Fighting Systems and Team Extreme competitors were on hand for the event, including UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes (who was the referee); former UFC lightweight champion Jens Pulver; former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia; and UFC veteran Rich Franklin.
      Another Team Extreme fighter, Pride veteran Amir Rahnavardi, also competed in the event, winning by triangle despite some hard ground punching by Trevor Garrett.
      In one of the feature bouts, Leo Sylvest pulled a surprise with a ground-and-pound win over Greg Franklin. The win came shortly after Franklin elected to continue after taking the full 5-minute rest for an unintentional low blow. A rematch is definitely in the fighters’ future.

ICE 7: Meltdown at Metropolis, Jan. 16, Fairfield, Ohio


  • Mike Werner draw with Dave Cochran, 3:00 Rd. 3 (9:00).
  • Johnathan Murphy def. Shaun Coffman, 1:45 Rd. 1, KO.
  • Ricky Hutchins def. Nathan Fitch, :33 Rd. 1, guillotine.
  • Jim Bova def. Billy Rush, 1:46 Rd. 2 (4:46), Ref stoppage due to strikes.
  • Jason Willis draw with Cowboy Penny, 5:00 Sub. grappling.
  • Keith Curts def. Jerrod Doss, 1:04 Rd. 1, neck crank.
  • Amir Rahnavardi def. Trevor Garrett, 1:01 Rd. 1, triangle.
  • Dan Swift def. Ryan Rinshied, :31 Rd. 2 (3:31), guillotine.
  • Mojo Horn def. Gerald Pierson, 2:20 Rd. 1, arm bar.
  • Leo Sylvest def. Greg Franklin, 1:24 Rd. 1, Ref stoppage due to strikes.
  • Jeremy Horn def. Ron Fields, 3:01 Rd. 2 (8:01) Ref stoppage due to strikes.

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