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Saturday, Sep 02, 2006

Icon Sport 48: Mayhem Vs. Lawler

Icon Sport 48: Jason Miller forces Robbie Lawler to tap out to a head and arm choke - Photo by Aaron Meyer
Icon Sport 48: Mayhem Vs. Lawler
Held September 2, 2006
Blaisdell Arena – Honolulu, Hawaii
Report by Chris Onzuka – Photos by Aaron Meyer

"It" was a long time in coming. First "it" was on, then off, then on again. "It" is Robbie Lawler, the current champ, taking on Jason Miller, the man that has run through Hawaii like a hurricane. The consummate grappler took on the powerful striker. The only thing is this striker can wrestle and this grappler can take a punch. This much anticipated main event was supported by a solid under card, which crowned a Flyweight and Welterweight Icon Sport champion. Chico Cantiberos displayed crisp punches and good ground skills against the game veteran in Kevin Delima. Delima took a lot of punishment, but would not go down easy as he fought Cantiberos all the way until a well timed and placed knee sat Delima onto the canvas and Cantiberos seized the opportunity to finish the fight and be crowned Icon Sport’s first Hawaii State Flyweight champ.

Icon Sport 48: Sydney Silva (bottom) vs. Kimo Woefel - Photo by Aaron Meyer
Silva (bottom) vs. Woefel

Quickly rising submission machine, Sydney Silva, returned to the ring and pitted his technical ground game and solid leg kicks, against Kimo Woefel’s athleticism. Woefel reversed Silva on numerous occasions, but this allowed Silva’s active guard work to shine. Silva aggressively attacked with submissions and kept firing them off as Woefel kept defending them. It was the law of averages that ended the fight as it was only a matter of time until Silva’s persistence paid off and he caught Woefel in an armbar to end the match and be crowned Icon Sport’s Hawaii State Welterweight champion.

This event also fed the pipeline by pitting some outstanding young fighters to line up the next set of contenders for the newly crowned champions. Two stars from Grappling Unlimited and Animal House were on a collision course that made for a great fight. These two young warriors went after each other and displayed poise and technique well beyond their ring experience. Albino squeaked out a decision victory, but there was definitely no loser in this fight. Number one contender for the 135lbs Icon Sport title, Mark Oshiro from the Bulls Pen, showed why he deserves the number one slot by KO’ing Paul Gorman in a mere 20 seconds.

Grappling Unlimited’s other star Tyson Nam won his match and this set up a great match up between Nam and Oshiro for Icon’s December event. Another great match up came about when Jay Jack to town and dominated Mike Russo. The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt matches up well with Sydney Silva.

The great night of fights led up to the main event, which brought the crowd to fever pitch after viewing each fighter’s intro video on the giant screen. Lawler paced in his corner like a caged animal, while Miller came to ring dancing the whole way with a reggae theme, dreadlocks and all. The first round had everyone puzzled, Miller included as Miller landed leg and body kick at will while Lawler did not even throw a punch. The second round saw a more confident Miller pick up where he left off, but this time Lawler pulled the trigger and unleashed a fury of punches, knees and dominated Miller. It looked like Lawler was going to win via referee stoppage, but Miller kept moving and changing positions. He ended the round strong by fighting his way back up to his feet and firing back. In round three, Lawler was spent and Miller took over by taking down Lawler and doing what he does best, applying submissions. After Lawler defended an arm triangle on the right side, Miller sunk one in on the left side and captured the title by tapping out Lawler [see photo at beginning of article]. The crowd exploded with the result and it was deafening as Miller climbed up on the ropes and thanked the fans of his adopted home.

  • 170lbs: MMA: 3 Rounds – 3 Minutes
    Peni Taufa’ao (Eastsidaz) def. Isaiah Cobb-Adams (Animal House)
    Submission via guillotine choke at 1:42 into R2.

  • Heavyweight: MMA: 3 Rounds – 3 Minutes
    Shaun Durfee (AMMA, Portland, Maine) def. Thomas Ferguson (Hawaii Self Defense)
    Submission via rear naked choke at 1:30 into R1.

  • 170lbs: MMA: 3 Rounds – 3 Minutes
    Keoni Bryant (Jus Rush) def. Derek Stadler (Bulls Pen)
    Unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) after 3 rounds.

  • 205lbs: MMA: 3 Rounds – 3 Minutes
    Lowen Cabuag (Animal House) def. Kenneth Gusman (Team Papakolea)
    Unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after 3 rounds.

  • Icon Sport Hawaii State Flyweight Title
    145lbs: MMA: 3 Rounds – 5 Minutes

    Chico Cantiberos (Eastsidaz) def. Kevin Delima State (Bulls Pen)
    TKO via referee stoppage due to strikes at 4:55 into R2.

  • 155lbs: MMA: 3 Rounds – 3 Minutes
    Makana Albino (Grappling Unlimited) def. Marshall Harvest (Animal House)
    Unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) after 3 rounds.

  • 135lbs: MMA: 3 Rounds – 5 Minutes
    Mark Oshiro (Bulls Pen) def. Paul Gorman (AMMA, Portland, Maine)
    KO at 20 seconds in Round 1.

  • Icon Sport Hawaii State Welterweight Title
    170lbs: MMA: 3 Rounds – 5 Minutes

    Sydney Silva (HMC) def. Kimo Woefel (Eastsidaz)
    Submission via armbar at 4:15 into R1.

  • 185lb: MMA: 3 Rounds – 5 Minutes
    Jay Jack (AMMA, Portland, Maine) def. Mike "The Bull" Russo (Team Griffon Rawl, Cleveland, OH)
    Submission via rear neck crank at 1:35 into R1.

  • 135lbs: MMA: 3 Rounds – 5 Minutes
    Tyson Nam (Grappling Unlimited) def. Ikaika Silva (Animal House, Ewa Beach)
    Unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after 3 rounds.

  • 155lbs: MMA: 3 Rounds – 5 Minutes
    Jason "Dynamite" Dent (Team Griffon Rawl, Cleveland, OH) def. Kolo Koka (MMAD)
    Submission via triangle choke at 1:07 into R3.
    Icon Sport World Middleweight Championship

  • MMA: 3 Rounds – 5 Minutes
    Jason "Mayhem" Miller (Team Pighunters, Kapena Falls, HI) def. Robbie Lawler (MFS)
    Submission via arm triangle (head & arm) choke at 2:20 into R3.

Combat in the Cage: "Adrenaline"
Report by Jim Genia – Photos by Gaby Genia

Combat in the Cage (Sep 2, 2006): Daniel Akinyemi (Rhino Fight Team) victorious over Ross Atwood - Photo by Gaby Genia
Akinyemi victorious

(September 2nd, Rahway, New Jersey) A mammoth amateur MMA card marked the end of a day-long USKBA multi-discipline competition, with promoter Ed Hsu opening his cage to a herd of newcomers at the Rahway Rec Center. There were slugfests and knockouts, ground wars and submissions, and the 19 bouts didn’t wrap up until 1:30am — giving fight fans plenty of bang for their buck. Highlights of the night included:

  • The leather thrown by Mountain Storm’s Matt Paeth, which ended with Robert Cunane lying on the canvas.
  • Poresky’s Dynamic Karate’s BJ Barrigar and his crushing knockout over Luis Rivera.
  • The battle that raged between Rhino Fight Team’s Daniel Akinyemi and Rail City MMA’s Ross Atwood. Akinyemi out-struck him, but Atwood showed a ton of heart throughout.
Combat in the Cage (Sep 2, 2006): Al Iaquinta on top of Mike Prokop - Photo by Gaby Genia
Iaquinta on top of Prokop


  • Eric Ruiz (Progressive Martial Arts-124lbs) vs. Christian Pacacco (Ultimate Dragon MMA-121lbs)
    Ruiz via triangle choke at 2:39 of R2.

  • Will Smith (Advanced Fighting Systems-139lbs) vs. David Theis (Daddis Fight Camp-144lbs)
    Theis via unanimous decision.

  • Kevin Horowitz (Rhino Fight Team-172) vs. Jabriel Crowley (Vita Saana African Martial Arts)
    Horowitz via forfeit.

  • David Johnson (Yee’s Hung Ga Kung Fu-141lbs) vs. Tim Troxell (IM Sports-155lbs)
    Troxell via unanimous decision.

  • Matt Paeth (Mountain Storm-227lbs) vs. Robert Cunane (Team KOA-196lbs)
    Paeth via KO at 0:50 of R1 – a good win.

  • Eric Simmons (Advanced Fighting Systems-151lbs) vs. Ryan Broderick (Pitts Penn-150lbs)
    Broderick via guillotine at 1:16 of R2.

  • Daniel Akinyemi (Rhino Fight Team-188lbs) vs. Ross Atwood (Rail City MMA-178lbs)
    Akinyemi via unanimous decision – an outstanding fight!

  • Matt Feroni (Choice Martial Arts-130lbs) vs. Jeremiah Lormand (IMAF West-130lbs)
    Lormand via rear choke at 2:14 of R2.

  • John Doyle (Spartan Athlima) vs. Bryan Edwards (Daddis/Cool Hearts-237lbs)
    Doyle via head/arm choke at 1:04 of R3.

  • Robert Gittens (Unlimited Martial Arts-178lbs) vs. Frank Caratenuto (Vadha Kempo-187lbs)
    Gittens via guillotine at 0:23 of R2.

  • John Benson Salgado (NY SanDa-170lbs) vs. Ray Pina (David Bond Chan Internal Martial Arts-173lbs)
    Salgado via guillotine from north/south at 1:52 of R1.

  • Al Iaquinta (Thaisport-157lbs) vs. Mike Prokop (Rhino Fight Team-164lbs)
    Iaquinta via unanimous decision – a dominant performance.

  • Dave Adams (Combat Tactics Academy-152lbs) vs. Ryan Vernay (IMAF West-159lbs)
    Vernay via KO at 1:09 of R1.

  • Steve Gaugler (Zen Dragon Martial Arts-170lbs) vs. Matt Makowski (Daddis/Cool Hearts-181lbs)
    Makowski via rear choke at 1:16 of R1.

  • Chris Pagotto (Bangor Vee Jitsu-193lbs) vs. Mike DeLeon (Ultimate Dragon MMA-195lbs)
    Pagotto via KO at 0:10 of R3.

  • Luis Rivera (Andy’s River System-247lbs) vs. BJ Barrigar (Poresky’s Dynamic Karate-268lbs)
    Barrigar via KO at 0:44 of R1.

  • Matt Gelfand (Chinese Shiao Giao-183lbs) vs. Joe Latour (Premier Fitness-169lbs)
    Latour via guillotine at 2:30 of R1.

  • Chris Adams (Combat Tactics Academy-255lbs) vs. Mekidi-Ku-Mtima (Vita Saana-221lbs)
    Mtima via ref stop due to unanswered strikes at 1:14 of R1.

  • Derrick Strong (Campbell’s Karate & Kickboxing-183lbs) vs. Robert Peach (Daddis/Cool Hearts)
    Strong via doc stoppage due to broken nose at 2:04 of R3.

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