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Tuesday, Oct 24, 2000

Illinois Cracks Down On “ultimate Fights”

Illinois Cracks Down on "Ultimate Fights"

Chicago newspaper The Daily Southtown reports that the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation has ordered a promoter to stop putting on "ultimate fights."

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FCF Fight Techniques

Leg Hook To Barzagar Double Takedown
This technique is from Matt Hume.

Aaron Riley is AMC’s newest member of the fight team training under Matt Hume, and comes to us with solid credentials and skills as the current WEF and HOOKnSHOOT champion, look for Aaron to make big waves in the future with his new-found Pankration skills. Anthony Hamlett is a Pankration champion and Abu Dhabi placer with wins in SuperBrawl and Shooto. Anthony will have the honor of competing against Royler Gracie once again in December in the Superfight of the Jiu-Jitsu and Submission championships in New York.

Contact info:
AMC Kickboxing & Pankration Center
427 6th Street South
Kirkland, WA   98033

FCF Fight Techniques
Aaron checks and hooks Anthony’s right low kick with his left leg.
FCF Fight Techniques
Aaron catches the hooked leg at the knee and runs his left shoulder into Anthony’s hip while driving across him and reaching for Anthony’s other knee.
FCF Fight Techniques
Aaron sweeps Anthony’s far knee past him into the air as Anthony hops to catch his balance.
FCF Fight Techniques
Aaron drops Anthony on the mat and looks for hip control.

Disclaimer: This technique, as any martial art technique, can be dangerous. You or your training partner may be injured if you apply or practice this technique. The author, Matt Hume, Aaron Riley, Anthony Hamlett, and FCF are not responsible for any injury that may result. Please consult a physician as to whether or not to attempt this technique.

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