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Saturday, Apr 24, 2004

In The Current Issue Of Fcf…

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In the current issue of FCF…

UFC 47 – Liddell puts Ortiz on ice.

The Return of Enson Inoue – The always-candid Enson discusses his return from retirement.

Fighting the Good FightDel Greer gives up a promising fight career to give the gift of life to her younger brother.

European Vale Tudo 2 – Lutter, Team Ookami hit international stage in first pro MMA show in Stockholm, Sweden.

Matt Hughes – discusses the loss of his belt and what he plans to do next.

Russia Vs. USA – MFC devours Atlantic City with an international crowd-pleaser.

Reality Fighting 6 hits Wildwood, NJ and crowns three champions.

Talk show host Carson Daly talks about his passion for Mixed Martial Arts.

Raising the Red Curtain on Russian MMA: A profile of the Red Devil Team.

Marcelo Garcia continues his sweep through the world of Submission Wrestling at the 3rd Submission Wrestling of Sao Joao da Barra.

SuperBrawl 34 takes the show on the road to the Maui War Memorial.

In this month’s Shooto Report, we cover the recent show held at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo.

Former AMC Pankration strength & conditioning coach Mark Ginther continues his article on Non-Linear Periodization for MMA with Tapering for Competition.

Evan Tanner BioFile.

Fight fans give their impressions of UFC 47 and the upcoming Pride Heavyweight Grand Prix.

In our monthly columns…
In Matt Hume‘s techniques, Matt Hume & Brad Kertson demonstrate Kimura Elevator Roll; and in the Punchers Corner, champion kickboxer Derek Panza discusses Offsetting Your Opponent’s Rhythm.

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Total Elimination 2004 Results

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Ring of Combat VI:
Total Devastation

By Jim Genia

Promoter Louis Neglia with newly-crowned Heavyweight Champion Carlos Moreno
Neglia & Moreno

(April 24th, Elizabeth, New Jersey) Close to two thousand spectators came to the Rexplex Sports Complex tonight to witness some MMA action, and Lou Neglia’s Ring of Combat 6 gave it to them in spades. With only one bout going to the judges’ cards, fans were treated to a few hard-fought victories mixed with total devastation, and representatives hailed from Pitts Penn, the Serra/Longo Competition Team, Fight Factory and Team Tiger Schulmann, among others. Highlights of the night included:

  • Team Tiger Schulmann spitfire Mike Murray’s relentless barrage of punching, as it swiftly turned the tide of battle to his favor against crafty grappler Glenn Ortiz.
  • BAMA slugger Carlos Moreno’s fists – one clean punch was all it took to make Erik Shaver’s eye swell shut, bringing an end to the bout and garnering Moreno the heavyweight belt.
  • The long-awaited rematch between Serra/Longo Competition Team’s Drago and Pitts Penn’s Chris Liguori. This fight was all back-and-forth action, but it was Drago’s much-improved hands that proved the deciding factor this time around, as he stunned Liguori on the feet and finished business on the ground.

Jon McCaffrey taps out in the midst of a barrage of Jordan Pergola's punches
McCaffrey taps out in the midst of
a barrage of Pergola’s punches

Mike Murray (Team Tiger Schulmann-137lbs) vs. Glenn Ortiz (Wrestling Plus-138lbs)
Murray via ref stoppage due to unanswered strikes at 3:51 of Round One.

Adam Fearon (Pitts Penn-184lbs) vs. Eddie Alvarez (Fight Factory-170lbs)
Alvarez via tapout due to strikes at 2:06 of Round One.

Jay Hieron (Bellmore Kickboxing/Rodrigo Gracie-170lbs) vs. Fernando Munoz (BAMA/Team Endgame-167lbs)
Hieron via tap out due to strikes at 0:33 of Round One.

Bret Perchaluk (SBG Hamilton-152lbs) vs. Jesse Moreng (Team Tiger Schulmann-152lbs)
Moreng via tap out due to strikes at 0:50 of Round One.

Jon McCaffrey (SBG Hamilton-204lbs) vs. Jordan Pergola (Bellmore Kickboxing/Rodrigo Gracie-204lbs)
Pergola via tap out due to strikes at 0:13 of Round One.

Luke Cummo (Serra/Longo-173lbs) vs. Josh Koscheck (American Kickboxing Academy-175lbs)
Koscheck by unanimous decision.
Ring of Combat Heavyweight Title
Erik Shaver (Bellmore Kickboxing-265lbs) vs. Carlos Moreno (BAMA/Team Endgame-260lbs)

Moreno via verbal submission at 0:31 of Round Two – congrats to the hard-hitting Ring of Combat champ!

Ring of Combat Middleweight Title
Chris Liguori (Pitts Penn-182lbs) vs. Pete "Drago" Sell (Serra/Longo-186lbs)

Drago via rear choke at 0:41 of Round Three. Once again, these two had the fight of the night!

Pete 'Drago' Sell takes down Chris Liguori Band 'Rock Naked' gets a little help from dancers from local bar Cinderella's
Drago takes down Liguori The evening’s
other entertainment

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