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Monday, Nov 07, 2005

Indiana Boxing And Mma Trainer Struck By Tornado!

From Jeff Osbourne:


If you live in Evansville, IN or the surrounding area, you’re no stranger to HOOKnSHOOT or three-time Golden Gloves Champion, Gerald Rice.

Last weekend tragedy struck the area when people had their homes leveled by a tornado while they slept.

"I’m being called insensitive for saying that a tornado is worse than a hurricane" says Jeff Osborne (promoter of HOOKnSHOOT).

"The fact that these people had less than 2 minutes to find shelter (and most of them couldn’t) is no comparison to people who are given 5-7 days to evacuate for a hurricane. They’re both two horrific disasters but the worst disaster comes without warning when you’re sleeping" continues Osborne.

Gerald Rice, a prominent figure in boxing for the last 60 years, recently moved from training boxers to helping train MMA fighters in Indiana. While he took some flack for going to MMA, he didn’t care.

"These guys want to train harder and fight! I’m sick of boxers saying they’re fighters but they never fight … the MMA guys are here for every training session" said Rice back in September.

Rice, a retired police officer on a fixed income, was hit by an uninsured motorist in January. The "accident" caused serious injuries to his wife and eventually the motorist at fault had NOTHING so Rice had to absorb the medical and car repairs himself.

This past Sunday, Rice lost everything and says he’s lucky to be alive when a tornado completely leveled his home and leaving him with NOTHING. His two cars and prized Harley-Davidson were demolished and tossed hundreds of feet away. HIS HOME IS COMPLETELY GONE AND REDUCED TO RUBBLE ON A CONCRETE PAD. Luckily, they were dug out of the basement hours later.

Many of the fighters he trained wondered how he weathered the storm but could not reach him. On Tuesday, Jeff Osborne called his cel phone to find out the horrible news. Rice said he had only 2 shirts and two pairs of pants and will have to live with his son until something can be done.

Gerald Rice canceled his first ever boxing show scheduled for 11/26 and lost $4,200 in deposits, event insurance and advertising costs.

Rice took a monumental leap in moving to MMA after 6 decades of boxing and took some flack. Anyone who cares to help "one of our own", please feel free to make a PayPal donation to hooknshoot@aol.com. ALL OF THE PROCEEDS WILL GO TO RICE AND HIS FAMILY!


Stout Defends Lightweight Title at TKO 23
By Kelsey Mowatt

Sam Stout defended his TKO Lightweight Championship Saturday night at TKO 23 in Victoriaville, Quebec by knocking out former champion Donald Ouimet at 4:43 of the first round. The impressive victory erases any doubt about the legitimacy of Stout’s championship; the Canadian secured the title by narrowly defeating countryman Ouimet by split decision at TKO 21 in July. With his title defense now over with, Stout readily admitted his anticipation for the rematch.

"I’m not going to lie going into this fight I was very nervous." Stout explained, "The last fight with Donald Ouimet was a very tough fight that went the entire three rounds. I was sore for days after it. Donald is very well known for his very good chin and his willingness to fight wars. This fight was scheduled for five rounds and I expected it to go the distance."

The fight began, like their initial match, with the fighters exchanging from their feet, however, this time around, Stout found the leg kicks he utilized so effectively in their July fight being quickly negated by Ouimet.

"When I came out in the beginning of the first round my kicks were not working as effectively as they had in the first fight," Stout said, "and Donald worked a few good straight punches in on me. He then got a takedown and landed in side control. "

Expecting another standing assault from Ouimet once again, Stout had also worked on his jiu-jitsu just in case the fight did go to the ground.

"Luckily," Stout added, "I had been spending time working on my jiu-jitsu defense with Team Curran in Crystal Lake, Illinois and I was able to get back to having him in my guard and tie him up until the fight was stood up."

On their feet, K-1 veteran Stout landed a sharp right hand to the jaw of Ouimet, rocking the former champion, who has had a legendary reputation of an extremely solid chin.

"I was able to land a punch that shook Donald up and gave me the opportunity to end the fight." Stout recalled. "When I landed the first punch that wobbled Ouimet I was just trying to inflict as much damage to him as possible because I expected him to recover quickly. I had been told that he had never been knocked down, let alone knocked out. I was a little surprised to see that I had knocked him out."

Ouimet, who had predicted a knockout in his favor last week to FCF, was gracious in defeat according to Stout, who spent some time with the former champion after their encounter.

"Donald has been the lightweight champion since I began fighting for TKO and he and I have always had a lot of admiration and respect for each other," said Stout, "so I brought a beer to his dressing room and we hung out for a while and talked about the fight. He was a very good sport and I’m sure we will continue to be friends in the future."

The victory brings the TKO Lightweight Champion’s record to 8-1-1 while Ouimet’s falls to 10-5. Stout was ecstatic in erasing any doubts about his previous victory over Ouimet and is looking forward to life as champion now that he has successfully defended the title against its former holder.

"I felt that I won the first fight fair and square but I knew not everyone agreed," Stout explained, "so I was definitely happy to win in a way that can’t be argued about his time."

With rumors continuing to circulate about a possible return of the lightweight division to the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Stout is eagerly looking ahead to a fighting future that might include his debut in North America’s largest mixed martial arts promotion.

"Hell yes, I would be interested," he said of a potential crack at the Octagon. "Fighting in the UFC would be a dream come true."

Surprises in the Extreme North of Brazil!
Thai Combat Vale Tudo debuts with emotions running high
By Eduardo Alonso

This past Saturday, November 5th, in the city of Macapa, capital of the small state of Amapa in Northern Brazil, the first edition of Thai Combat Vale Tudo took place in front of a crowd of around 2,000 spectators. An event like this just goes to show that Brazilian MMA talent go far beyond the confines of Rio de Janeiro or Curitiba, with talented fighters spread all around the country.

Preguica wins
Preguica wins

A good example of this was the main event, in which Chute Boxe fighter and Storm Samurai veteran Rogelson "B.A." took on local standout Preguica. Although he came into the fight as the favorite, a brave and game "B.A." almost got caught by a guillotine choke and an armbar in the first round, and ended up getting KO’d in the second round with a solid kick to the face. The crowd went wild for their newfound local hero, and Rogelson had to be taken to the hospital as his his jaw was broken in two places. The card was not without its share of controversy, with the fight between Torrinha and Demetrius, a rematch from a previous encounter where Demetrius imposed Torrinha the first defeat of his career, being stopped and continued a number of times, due to fighters falling out of the ring on three occasions, and several arguments between the fighters and their corners — truly a small nightmare for referee Murilo "Ninja" Rua. In the end, it was too much for Torrinha who gave up and saw the second loss of his career become a reality. Those who attended clearly left the venue happy, as emotions were plenty and the show gave an upgrade to the current level of MMA production in the state. Here are the results:

Murilo 'Ninja' Rua refereed the event

Muay Thai:
– Mequias and Ricardinho fought a No Contest.
– Dimy def. "Frances" by unanimous judges’ decision

– "Pe de Pano" (Macapa) defeated Nando by armbar in R1
– Demetrius def. Torrinha by forfeit in R2
– Guigui def. Ari "M

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