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Monday, Jul 24, 2000

It’s Finally Here…the Most Talked About Show Of The Year!the Biggest Names In The World All Competed In

Mark Kerr/Ricardo Almeida
Tito Ortiz/Rumina Sato
Mark Kerr/Ricardo Almeida

It’s finally here…
The most talked about show of the year!
The biggest names in the world all competed in

2000 Submission Wrestling World Championships!!!

>>>>>>>   7 TAPE SET   <<<<<<<
Nearly 20 hours!!!

Capture all the action from the 2000 submission wrestling world championships!   All the matches in their entirety from the most talked about show of the year!   Over 80 internationally reknowned martial artists.

6 Tournaments of 16 men – single elimination! 5 weight classes plus an open division.

BEST MATCH: Leo Vieira v. Mark Kerr (ABSOLUTE)
BEST THROW: Matt Hughes on Jeremy Horn (88-98 KG)
FASTEST SUBMISSION: Renzo Gracie (66-76 KG)

FEATURING: Mark Kerr, Tito Ortiz, Matt Hughes, Rumina Sato, Hayato Sakurai, Kaoro Uno, Renzo Gracie, Royler Gracie, Saulo Ribeiro, Ricardo Almeida, Dave Menne, Jean Jacques Machado, Rigan Machado, Carlos Barreto, Mikey Burnett, Ricco Rodriguez and many more, plus grappling teams from all over the world!

TAPE 1 – ABSOLUTE TOURNAMENT (approx. 180 min)
Tourney Champion: Mark Kerr
Highlight matches: Ricardo Almeida v. Mark Kerr, Leo Vieira v. Mark Kerr, Tito Ortiz v. Rumina Sato.

Mark Kerr v. Sean Alvarez in the SUPERFIGHT finals. Sperry v. Traven.
Interviews and footage.

TAPE 3 – under 66 KG Tournament (approx. 180 min)
Tourney Champion: Royler Gracie
Highlight matches: Joey Gilbert v. Pequeno, Royler Gracie v. Jiro Wakabayashi, Royler Gracie v. Alexandre Soca.

TAPE 4 – 66-76.9 KG Tournament (approx. 180 min)
Tourney Champion: Renzo Gracie
Highlight matches: Mikey Burnett v. JJ Machado, Renzo Gracie v. Dennis Hallman, Shaolin v. Rumina Sato

TAPE 5 – 77-87.9 KG Tournament (approx. 180 min)
Tourney Champion: Saulo Ribeiro
Highlight matches: Saulo Ribeiro v. Ricardo Liborio, Saulo Ribeiro v. Dave Menne, Sasha Savko v. Jorge Patino

TAPE 6 – 88-98.9 KG Tournament (approx. 180 min)
Tourney Champion: Ricardo Arona
Highlight matches: Ricardo Arona v. Tito Ortiz, Matt Hughes v. Tito Ortiz, Jeff Monson v. Ricardo Arona

TAPE 7 – 99 KG & up Tournament (approx. 180 min)
Tourney Champion: Mark Kerr
Highlight matches: Mark Kerr v. Ricco Rodriguez, Minotaur Nogueira v. Sean Alvarez, Rigan Machado v. Pete Williams.

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Mark Kerr/Ricardo Almeida
Tito Ortiz/Rumina Sato
Mark Kerr/Ricardo Almeida
From the event’s promoter:

Gauntlet Trials II

The Gauntlet Trials II will be held on September 16, 2000 in Jackson Georgia.

Winners of the five weight classes (150 under, 170 under, 190 under, 210 under, and 211 & up) will earn spots in the 2000 National Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Championships in IOWA promoted by MONTE COX, scheduled for November 2000. The winners from each weight class in the NATIONALS will earn PROFESSIONAL CONTRACTS in the EXTREME CHALLENGE, SUPERBRAWL or the U.S.W.F.

The event will take place in a boxing ring. Fighters must wear approved gloves. Wrestling shoes are allowed but fighters give up the right to kick when wearing them. Fighters will recieve ONE pass for their cornerman. All striking is allowed while standing (EXCEPT HEADBUTTING), but strikes are limited to only OPEN HAND to the head, CLOSED fist to the body and knees to the body while on the ground- THIS MEANS NO ELBOWS, FOREARMS, or KICKS. Bouts will last ten minutes, the tourney finals will add a 5 minute overtime period. Fighter brackets will be filled on a first come first serve basis, and matches will be set by a public drawing the morning of the event. At least four fighters are needed to form a weight class.

Entry fee is $25.00 in advance and $35.00 the week of the event. (This fee is forwarded to Monte Cox and goes to pay for the airfare of the winners at the Nationals)

Make checks or money orders payable to Matthew Waller. To receive an application or if you have any questions you can contact me at MTWALLER@webtv.net or 912 475 1092

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