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Monday, Apr 07, 2003

It’s Going To Be A Boy!

It’s Going to be a Boy!
"Little Axe Murderer" is on His Way
as Wanderlei Smiles Away

By Eduardo Alonso
Wanderlei Silva and his wife Tea Ariadne

      A little more than a year after PRIDE Middleweight champion Wanderlei Silva and his wife Tea Ariadne got married in January of 2002, the Silva family is going to get bigger and as was the wish of the champion himself, the couple is going to get a baby boy! Wanderlei is already the father of a 6-year-old daughter named Rafaela, from a previous relationship, and has always voiced his desire to have a son to follow his footsteps in the NHB rings worldwide. This week, as he came back from weeks in Japan, he finally got confirmation from the doctors that the baby his wife is carrying is indeed going to be a boy, and he promptly told FCF first hand the great news! Needless to say the usually mean, agressive and merciless "Axe Murderer" was as happy as ever and all smiles with the news: "I’m so happy with this that it’s even hard to translate into words, hopefully now people will have to see a Silva brawling in the rings for a long time!" The baby is expected to come in August of 2003, coincidently in the same time of his likely fight against Quinton Jackson in PRIDE. Mr. and Mrs. Silva will now decide the name of the heir that will be the newest addition to the growing Chute Boxe family (Chute Boxe master Rudimar Fedrigo’s son Rigan was recently born). FCF Congratulates Wanderlei Silva and his wife and hopes to see the "Little Axe Murderer" come to the world in great health!
      In other small Chute Boxe notes, the week promises to be very busy at training camp, with STORM Grand Prix coming up this Saturday and the participation of one of the team’s newest aditions, Jadson, in an NHB event defending the team’s flag for the first time this Friday. However, Muay Thai and NHB events aren’t the only thing shaking up the Chute Boxe headquarters, as an interesting surprise regarding the team will be revealed in the next "Brazilian Beat" coming later this week. Don’t miss it!

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From Koichi "Booker K" Kawasaki:

Pancrase 2003 Hybrid Tour
To be held May 18, 2003
Light Heavyweight King Of Pancrase Title Defense

Place : Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium(Kanagawa, Japan)
Open:3:00pm Start:4:30pm

  • 1st Match/Featherweight 5 Min 2R
    Mitsuhisa Sunabe (Hybrid Wrestling Mugen) vs.
    Yoshiro Maeda (P’s Lab Osaka Inagakigumi)

  • 2nd Match/Welterweight 5 Min 2R
    Hiroki Nagaoka (Welterweight 4th Ranked/Rodeo Style) vs.
    Kenji Arai (Pancraseism)

  • 3rd Match / Welterweight 5 Min 2R
    Takafumi Ito (Welterweight Ranked/Pancraseism) vs.
    Daisuke Hanazawa (MMA Dojo Cobrakai)

  • 4th Match/Light Heavyweight 5 Min 2R
    Osami Shibuya (Light Heavyweight 7th Ranked/Pancraseism) vs.
    Evangelista Cyborg (2002 Luta Livre Middleweight Champion/Brazil/Academia Budokan)

  • 5th Match/Middleweight 5 Min 3R
    Kazuo Misaki (Middleweight 3rd Ranked/Pancrase Grabaka) vs.
    Yuji Hisamatsu (Tiger Place)

  • 6th Match/Light Heavyweight 5 Min 3R
    Akihiro Gono (Light Heavyweight 5th Ranked/Pancrase Grabaka) vs.
    Flavio Moura (2000 Heroes Middleweight Champion/Brazil/Academia Budokan)

  • 7th Match/Light Heavyweight K.O.P. Title Defense 5 Min 3R
    Sanae Kikuta (2nd Light Heavyweight K.O.P./Pancrase Grabaka) vs.
    Yuki Kondo (Light Heavyweight 1st Ranked/Pancraseism)

Brazilian Gladiators 2:
Some Talent and a Lot of Guts
as Newcomers Battle in Santos

By Eduardo Alonso

Helio mounted on Claudinei
Helio mounted on Claudinei

      This past Wednesday the city of Santos, located near Sao Paulo, held yet another NHB event in Brazil, showing that things are finally improving here, and now fighters have opportunities to perform more constantly than in the last few years. Brazilian Gladiators came into its second edition after more than 2 years of abscence, and it was most certainly a good opportunity for young fighters to make their NHB debut, as it was the case with most competitors on the card, but overall the show itself lacked in talent and skills, presenting some "Toughman-like" matches in terms of technique. Thankfully courage was never lacked during the bouts on part of the fighters.
      However, despite the lack of technique showed by most of the young competitors, there were some glorious exceptions like Jiu-Jitsu black belt Gabriel Napao, who had just won his match at the 2nd Black Belt challenge in the previous week, and who has skills and potential to fight in bigger events. Another stand out in the evening was Treta, who like Napao is also a student of UFC veteran Jorge Macaco Pattino and debuted in impressive fashion at BG2, as did Mauricio "Xuxa" who showed signs of a fighter that can shine in future events. The crowd of around 850 specators had to watch a seven-fight fighting card, because the main event was cancelled in the afternoon before the show. Somehow the promoters choosed only to inform the audience at the time of the fight, causing major disapoitment among the fans. Pele Landi student Eliezer "Ninja" was there ready to fight, but with no further explanation MECA veteran Alexandre Gomes dropped out of the card, leaving FCF without a reason for his absence and Eliezer without an opponent. Besides the fights themselves, the presence of NHB veterans Pele Landi and Jorge Macaco Pattino as referees for te fights was the biggest attraction at Pelikanos Cafe, the house of spectacles that served as the venue for the show.

Fabricio (left) trading punches with Hugo
Fabricio (left) trading
punches with Hugo

      The highlights of the card included Macaco student Treta showing solid Muay Thai skills and, after eating a punch to his face immediately as the fight started, needing only mere 25 seconds to knockout Ramon with a beatiful high-kick to the face! Also a stand out, newcomer Mauricio "Xuxa" pressed the action during the entire fight against Jiu Jitsu practitioner Fabiano Lopes, avoiding takedowns and punishing the butt-scooted opponet with potent kicks to his thighs and face until he wanted to more of the action and forfeited after trying rope escapes a couple of times. On the final match of the card Jiu Jitsu black belt Gabriel Napao also impressed the crowd showing he was on higher level than his lighter opponent, taking Cicero down at will, passing his guard and pounding his face with several punches leaving him with no choice but to tap out in the first round. All in all it was great to see that newcomers have some more ground to begin their careers and fighters such as Napao, Treta and Xuxa will likely use this as a needed step to the likes of MECA or Bitetti Combat. Hopefully Brazilian Gladiators 3 will come with improved talent for the next card, as FCF continues to bring you the best fighting coverage in Brazil, even in the smaller events! Here are the complete Results:

  • Hudi Lima def. Rodrigo Soldado by armbar R1
  • Ivonildo "Cafu" def. Marcelo "Cachorro Louco" by tap out (strikes) R3
  • Treta (Macaco Gold Team) def. Ramon by knockout R1
  • Fabricio def. Hugo by knockout R2
  • Jose Helio "Baiano" def. Claudinei by decision after 3 rounds
  • Maurcio "Xuxa" (Uniao Team) def. Fabiano Lopes by forfeit R3
  • Gabriel Napao (Macaco Gold Team) def. Cicero by tap out (strikes) R1

posted by Full Contact Fighter @ 8:00 pm
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