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Wednesday, Dec 17, 2003

It’s Time To Heat Things Up! The Biggest Show Ever In Brazil Is About To Begin!

By Eduardo Alonso

It’s time to HEAT things up!
The biggest show ever in Brazil is about to begin!

In a matter of three hours all fighters and press will be heading to the Machadinho arena, where HEAT FC 2 Evolution will take place. The show is schedule to start at 8 PM local time and the expectation is running high in the city of Natal. Never before in Brazil an MMA show had a so large structure. Yesterday the weigh-ins and rules meeting took place, and everything went well with only Edson Paredao, who is fighting Forrest Griffin, stepping on the scale 5 kg heavier than the fight’s limit. However, being a gentleman as always Griffin allowed the extra weight and is ready to work his magic once again. Here are some tidbits about HEAT FC 2, before the action starts:

  • Allan Goes weighed 87.6 kg for his fight against Gustavo Ximu. The fight has a weight limit of 88 kg, and Goes was looking trim and is reported to be in great cardio. He has been very tranquil and relaxed trough the last days in the hotel.
  • His opponent Gustavo Ximu is also focused and weighed right on the limit, at 87.9 kg. According to Pedro Rizzo, the Ruas Vale Tudo fighter is in the best shape ever and is looking to force Goes to engage in stand up fight.
  • Ebenezer Braga, back with Ruas Vale Tudo, is also showing the best shape of his fighting career. Much different from his fight at HEAT FC 1, Braga is cut and weighed 93 kg, however he had to do it naked! He is tranquil and confident, and Beto Leitao said he didn’t miss a single training session for this fight.
  • Forrest Griffin is looking relaxed as he ever is. Sporting a blonde hair now, Forrest had problems with his luggage that got lost by the airline, and even with that happening he manage to keep smiling and relaxing all the way during the trip. Griffin is likely to have a special entrance in Santa Claus style for this fight.
  • Eric Wanderley, the guy who fought Mauricio "Shogun" Rua at the IFC show, is also looking focused and relaxed despite having to face a game Braga, and weighed 91 kg for the fight. Wanderley is reported to have an awesome groundwork, and has been working on his stand up to deal with Ebenezer.
  • The lighting rig for HEAT FC 2 Evolution is the biggest ever to be used in a MMA show in Brazil. The production for the show has been upgrade from HEAT FC 1 and several light effects are expected. The show will also feature 6 cameras to film the show, including some special ones in rails to follow the fighter’s entrances.
  • Ticket sales went well in advance, and the crowd being expected for HEAT FC 2 is also the biggest ever in a MMA show in the city of Natal. We’re having sun all day in the city and everything is set for a historic show! Check out the results on FCF later!

From the event’s promoter:

RSF SHOOTO Challenge
Rings in the New Year with Big News

On Friday January 2nd, on the heels the New Year celebration, promoter Randy Greenman, along with co-matchmaker Jeff Osborne and the Shooto Association, has assembled one of the hottest card ever to hit the Midwest. Top Midwest talent, UFC veterans and high ranking Shooto competitors will all gather at the Belle Clair Expo Center in Belleville, IL for the next installment of what is quickly becoming one of the foremost MMA promotions around. The event features a talent-packed card in what promises to be an action-packed night of intense Shooto action.

With a quick look back at 2003, we saw the formation of the Shooto Americas divisional rankings. These served to give recognition to fighters who were active within the Shooto circuit in North and South America. Now that those rankings have been developed we take it a step further and proudly announce our BIG NEWS for 2004… As SHOOTO and RSF kick off the New Year together, they also kick off a series of on-going tournaments that will crown the Shooto Americas Champion in 5 different weight classes. So feast your eyes on this entire blockbuster card, and be ready to see who rises up as the new Shooto Americas Champion!!!

Main Event
Class-A (MW – 167.5 lbs) 1st round tournament
Chris “Lights Out” Lytle (Shooto Americas #2) v. Pete “The Secret Weapon” Spratt

Class-A (WW – 154.4 lbs) 1st round tournament
Phil Johns (Shooto Americas #5) v Steve Berger

Class-A (MW – 167.5 lbs) 1st round tournament
Sam Morgan (Shooto Americas # 2) v. Manvel Gamburyan

Class-A (LHW – 183 lbs) 1st round tournament
Curtis Stout (Shooto Americas #5, World #8) v. Mike Rothmeir

Class-A (CW – 200.6 lbs)
Alex Stiebling v. Mike Rogers (A-class)

Ladies – Ginelle Marquez v. Kelly Kobald
HW – Doug Sauer v. Travis Fulton
WW – Mike Lloyd v. Jay Estrada
MW- Ryan Maynor v. Heath Pedigo
CW – Matt Schwinnen v. Bill Hill

Look for more information on the tournaments regarding dates and additional participants to be released soon. For tickets and information on this event logon to www.RSFshootochallenge.com or call (314)832-3489.

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