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Saturday, Nov 10, 2001

Ivc Venezuela Official Results

IVC Venezuela Official Results
Sunday, November 11, 2001
Poliedra Arena, Caracas
By Aaron Crecy

Alternate fight

  • Carlos Humberto Braga, Brazil, def. Floreriano Fonseca, Brazil, by submission (judo choke)

First Round

  • Milton Bahia, Brazil, def. Mike Hunter, Canada, by KO
  • Rodrigo Gripp de Souza, Brazil, def. Wellington Wilkins, USA, by submission (arm bar)
  • Alex Stiebling, USA, def. Luis Claudio das Dores, Brazil by submission (heel hook)
  • Leandro Ribeiro, Brazil, def. Antonio Resende, Brazil, by submission, (arm bar)
  • "The Pedro" Otavio, Brazil, def. Jonathan Ivey, USA, by submission (strikes)
  • Angelo Araujo, Brazil, def. Carlos Clayton Mangueira, Brazil, by judges’ decision, 2-1
  • Jefferson "Tank" da’ Silva, Brazil, def. John Renken, USA, by submission (strikes)
  • Evangelista "Cyborg" Silva Rodrigues, Brazil, def. Aaron Sullivan, USA, by KO


  • Bahia, def. Gripp de Souza by submission (strikes)
  • Stiebling def. Ribeiro by KO
  • Araujo def. Renken (replacement for The Pedro) by KO
  • "Cyborg" Silva Rodrigues def. "Tank" da’ Silva by KO


  • Stiebling def. Bahia by submission (heel hook)
  • Araujo def. "Cyborg" Silva Rodrigues by TKO


  • Alex Stiebling, USA, def. Angelo Araujo, Brazil, by submission (rear-naked choke)

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Look for complete coverage of the event in the December issue of Full Contact Fighter

IVC Invades Venezuela
16-Man Absolute Tournament
Billed as Battle between U.S. & Brazil

By Aaron Crecy

CARACAS — It is the first time that the IVC has ventured into Venezuela — and what a way to make a first impression. The tournament format is rare enough, much less a 16-man, Absolute weight-class competition with less prohibitive rules than the Ultimate Fighting Championship and even the Pride Fighting Championship.

Coordinated by Sergio Batarelli disciple Mauricio Netto and produced by the Florida-based International Group, IVC Venezuela features a mixture of young and seasoned fighters from the United States and Brazil. Though several better known fighters such as Americans Jason Godsey, Dan Bobish and Roger Neff withdrew from the event earlier in the week, the bracket remains loaded with promising fighters hoping to make a name for themselves — and claim the $10,000 first prize.

Promoters employed an aggressive $50,000 adverting and promotional campaign that included billboards, posters and fliers, along with promotional radio and television appearances by several fighters. The event will take place at the state-of-the-art Poliedra Arena and and will be broadcast on Venezuelan television.

Just 21, Netto is organizing his first MMA event after serving as Batarelli’s understudy for several years.

"The IVC was always known as being the world’s toughest event — the only one that remained true to Brazil’s original Vale Tudo rules," says Netto. "But we’ve learned from experience. With a 16-man Absolute class tournament, the winner will have to fight four times in one evening. So, it was necessary to implement a few rules to decrease the likelihood of cuts. Otherwise, the fighters might not be able to continue."

Batarelli will officiate each of the event’s fifteen bouts. The rules are as follows:

  • All matches will have a 10-minute time limit
  • No overtime period
  • No rounds or rest period
  • All fighters will wear gloves
  • Tape can only be used to protect the wrists, back of the hands and ankles
  • Headbutts are not allowed
  • Jumps on downed opponents are not allowed
  • Strikes to the back of the head and spine are not allowed
  • Strikes to the groin are legal; grabbing the groin is not allowed
  • Fights can end via submission, knockout, referee stoppage or doctor stoppage
  • Fights that last the complete 10-minute round will be go to the judges, who must select a winner

Angelo Araujo Alex Stiebling

Early favorites include Araujo, who is 3-0 versus quality opponents in Brazil’s Meca World Vale Tudo event; Rodrigues, who went 2-1 at Brazilian Vale Tudo fighting 8, losing only to Jose "Pele" Landi-Jons; and Stiebling, who dropped a judges’ decision to Mark Hughes in a UFC 28 prelim.

IVC Venezuela
Sunday, November 11, 2001 at 4:00 PM
Poliedra Arena, Caracas


  • Jonathan Ivey, USA
  • John Renken, USA
  • Alex Stiebling, USA
  • Aaron Sullivan, USA
  • Wellington Wilkins, USA
  • Angelo Araujo, Brazil
  • Milton Bahia, Brazil
  • Carlos Humberto Braga, Brazil
  • Luis Claudio das Dores, Brazil
  • Carlos Clayton Mangueira, Brazil
  • "The Pedro" Otavio, Brazil
  • Evangelista "Cyborg" Silva Rodrigues, Brazil
  • Jefferson da’ Silva, Brazil
  • Rodrigo de Souza, Brazil
  • Mike Hunter, Canada

IVC Venezuela Notes

  • Shooto champion Alexandre "Pequeno" Nogueira of the Brazilian Top Team is in attendance. He gave a private seminar at a Jiu-Jitsu studio owned by local Francisco Salvador, displaying flawless skill, incredible quickness and extraordinary power as he demonstrated Lute Livre techniques.
  • Renken, who was submitted by Akira Shoji in Pride 9, and Hunter, who trains with Gary Goodridge, are last-minute replacements for Bobish and Neff, arriving at midnight on Saturday — just 14 hours before the event is set to begin.
  • Citing a commitment to upholding the IVC’s integrity — as well as his own — Batarelli cautioned the fighters that the rules will be strictly enforced. Fighters who commit flagrant violations will be immediately disqualified.
  • According to Netto, the IVC hopes to hold a series of similar events throughout South America.
  • Godsey withdrew from the tournament due to injury. However, because promoters still expected him to compete, they have yet to replace him in the bracket. However, several of the Brazilians have training partners who might be willing to compete in the event on short notice.

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From the event’s promoter:

Ultimate Pankration logo
Ultimate Pankration:
The Greatest Sport in History Returns Tonight

PerforMax Productions debuts its Ultimate Pankration event tonight at Casino Morongo in California.

MMA legend Marco "King of the Streets" Ruas returns to action against Jason Lambert.

Also on the card:

Danny "Hard As" Steele Vs. Rob "Razor" McCullough

2 Middleweight bouts featuring:
"Little" Joe Stevenson & Eddie Ruiz

4-man Heavyweight Tournament (up to 225lbs.)
Amir Rahnavardi
Jeff Newton
George Allen
David Davis

4-man Super-Heavyweight Tournament (Over 225lbs.)
Harout Terzyan
Aaron Brink
"Nasty" Zane Frazier
Mark "The Bear" Smith

Tickets are available at local Ticketmaster outlets or through the Casino Morongo at (800) 252-4499. The gates open at 4 P.M. and the first bout takes place at 6 P.M., Sunday, November 11th, 2001.

Casino Morongo is located right off interstate 10, twenty minutes west of Palm Springs, California. It is visible from the highway at the Cabazon exit. For more information, please visit http://www.ultimatepankration.com.

Card subject to change

From Susumu’s Gallery:

Susumu’s Gallery Update

Susumu's photo


We have added 31 pictures from UFC 34 held on November 2nd. Please enjoy!

Susumu’s Gallery:

From Pancrase:

Sammy presents
Middleweight King of Pancrase Title Match
8 – Man Heavyweight Tournament Final

  • Fight 1, Middleweight Match (two 5-minute rounds)
    Satoru Kitaoka (Pancrase Tokyo) vs. Hiroki Nagaoka (Rodeo Style)

  • Fight 2, Middleweight Match (two 5-minute rounds)
    Kazuo Misaki (Pancrase Grabaka vs. Chris Lytle (USA/I.F. Academy)

  • Fight 3, Light Heavyweight Match (three 5-minute rounds)
    Ikuhisa Minowa (3rd ranked, Pancrase Yokohama) vs. Matsutatsu Yano (RWJ/Central)

  • Fight 4, Team Challenge – 1st Bout, Light Heavyweight Match (three 5-minute rounds)
    Sanae Kikuta (Lt. heavyweight King of Pancrase, Pancrase Grabaka)
    Daisuke Watanabe (Pancrase Yokohama)

  • Fight 5 – Team Challenge – 2nd Bout, Light Heavyweight Match (three 5-minute rounds)
    Yuki Sasaki (8th ranked, Pancrase Grabaka) vs. Osami Shibuya (Pancrase Yokohama)

  • Fight 6 – Team Challenge – 3rd Bout, Light Heavyweight Match (three 5-minute rounds)
    Akihiro Gono (10th ranked, Team Grabaka) vs.Yuki Kondo (1st ranked, Pancrase Tokyo)

  • Fight 7 – Middleweight King of Pancrase Title Match (three 5-minute rounds)
    Nathan Marquardt (3 times Md.Wt. King of Pancrase, USA/Stars Training Center)
    Kiuma Kunioku (1st ranked, Pancrase Yokohama)

  • Fight 8 – Heavyweight Tournament Final (three 5-minute rounds)
    Yoshiki Takahashi (Pancrase Tokyo) vs. Katsuhisa Fujii (V-Cross)

Latest Official PANCRASE Rankings
as of November 5, 2001

9th Open-weight K.O.P. Semmy Schilt(Holland/Golden Glory)

  1. Yuki Kondo(Pancrase Tokyo)
  2. Yoshiki Takahashi(Pancrase Tokyo)
  3. Kiuma Kunioku(Pancrase Yokohama)
  4. KEI Yamamiya(Pancrase Tokyo)
  5. Sanae Kikuta(Pancrase GRABAKA)
  6. Tim Lajcik(U.S.A./Gladiators Training Academy)
  7. Osami Shibuya(Pancrase Yokohama)
  8. Jason DeLucia(U.S.A./Pancrase Hybrid Budokan)
  9. Katsuhisa Fujii(V-CROSS)
  10. vacant

Light heavyweight (177lbs – 199lbs)
2nd Light heavyweight K.O.P. Sanae Kikuta(Pancrase GRABAKA)

  1. Yuki Kondo(Pancrase Tokyo)
  2. Paulo Filho(Brazil/Brazilian jiu jitsu)
  3. Ikuhisa Minowa(Pancrase Yokohama)
  4. Mitsuyoshi Sato(Pancrase GRABAKA)
  5. Omar Bouiche(Sweden/Mixed Martial Arts Stockholm)
  6. Kosei Kubota(Pancrase Yokohama) *UP!
  7. Brian Gassaway(U.S.A./AIKI Training Hall) *DOWN
  8. Yuki Sasaki(Pancrase GRABAKA) *UP!
  9. Daisuke Ishii(Pancrase Tokyo) *DOWN
  10. Akihiro Gono(Team GRABAKA) *NEW!

Middleweight (under 177lbs. & under)
1st Middleweight K.O.P. Nathan Marquardt(U.S.A./Colorado Stars)

  1. Kiuma Kunioku(Pancrase Yokohama)
  2. Shonie Carter(U.S.A./AIKI Training Hall)
  3. Chris Lytle(U.S.A./I.F. Academy)
  4. Yuji Hoshino(RJW/CENTRAL)
  5. Daiju Takase(Wajutsu Keishukai Tokyo Hombu)
  6. Takafumi Ito(Pancrase Yokohama)
  7. Kazuo Misaki(Pancrase GRABAKA) *NEW!
  8. Genki Sudo(freelance) *DOWN

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