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Wednesday, Feb 19, 2020

James Krause Calls UFC 247 Judge’s Alleged Conflict of Interest a “Disgrace to the Sport”

James Krause (photo via Twitter)

By FCF Staff

Following the news that one of the judges at UFC 247 used to train with Trevin Giles’ head coach, James Krause turned to social media to blast the situation.

Krause opted to step on just 24 hours notice at UFC 247 and fight Giles. The latter ended up winning the tightly contested fight via scores of 28-29, 29-28, 29-28. One of the judges who scored the fight for Giles was Joe Soliz. The judge was the only one to score the first round for Giles, however, as the other two had it for Krause. The veteran controlled much of the round on the floor and the consensus is Krause won the frame.

More recently, however, it’s been revealed that Soliz received his BJJ black belt from Eric Williams in 2008. Williams is the head coach for Giles. Soliz told TSN that he hasn’t been associated with Williams’ gym in over eight years and that he hasn’t spoke with the coach in some time.

Krause, however, posted the images and statement below:

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If this isn’t the most frustrating shit for me in the world I don’t know what… how is this not a conflict of interest? Training at someone’s gym for 10+ years and receiving a black belt from the coach corner my opponent. I no way am I mad I lost the fight, it was close. 1 was mine, 2 was his, and 3 was a toss up. But round 3 was given to me on 2/3 cards. It was round 1 they scored for him. After a take down and almost 4 minutes of back control, not to mention almost finishing the RNC, I don’t know how they would give that round to him. This sport has been around for too long to not start making changes. I know the Texas State Athletic Commission wont do a damn thing about my fight. They never do but I hope the @ufc, @danawhite, and the state commissions can come together to actually make the judging for OUR sport, not boxing and hold the people doing these jobs accountable. This is a disgrace to our sport. Not just my fight but multiple examples of incompetence from the same judge. So frustrated to even read this shit… and remember I lost half my purse because of this guy.

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posted by FCF Staff @ 10:18 am
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